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Okay, so Brawl hasn't been out for very long and talking about the next installment of the series may seem hasty, but- hey! Snake was supposedly left out of Melee for being suggested too late! In any case, Think of this as what should be, what should have been, a collection of stupid ideas, or whatever. I just feel like writing this. :-P


Since my pine for Meta Knight since the first SSB has finally been answered, I now have a new character to hope for. But...


Richter: [1]

Possessed Richter: [2]

--Why Richter? Why choose one of the few Belmonts with more to credit from Sony than Nintendo? Why not Trevor? Or Simon? Simon may just have a more extensive history with Nintendo than any other third-party character! Well, the answer is that Richter is the most qualified anyway. With the introduction of Snake third-party characters with limited Nintendo relationships are now accepted. Richter has an extensive move list compared to the other Belmonts that can be almost directly copied into a SSB game; they almost seem made for one! That and Richter is in Symphony of the Night, 11 years later still regarded as one of- if not the best- Castlevania and 2D platformer of all time.

Move List[edit]

Here I'll list what I think would make a good move list for Richter. There are a lot missing, but they may be filled in over time as more ideas come. Moves with a "*" before the name are taken directly from Symphony of the Night. Moves with a "#" are ones I'm not so sure I'm satisfied with.

--*Side smash Classic whip forward; the standard Belmont attack used in Castlevania. Great range, good power, good knockback (especially if sweet spotted), but has a narrow hitbox that some characters may actually duck under. The hitbox would remain active for a relatively long time, but at the cost of leaving Richter vulnerable at the time. Whip would be drawn back behind Richter quickly before the whipping, adding a very small hitbox behind and above him as well. Could be aimed up or down by tilting the control stick significantly altering it's use, but would be tricky to perform (must be done very early in the animation). Sweet spot is the tip of the whip. Can block some projectiles. Why? In Castlevania, blocking some projectiles with your own attacks is standard.

--*#Down smash This is the standard Belmont ducking attack of Castlevania. Overall, it is very similar to his side smash, except lower. It can no longer be ducked under, but is close to the ground and opponents can short hop over it if not point-blank. Pressing A again during the attack will cause Richter to do a second swing back behind him (this is not possible in Castlevania). Cannot be aimed. Again, the sweet spot is at the whip's tip. Can block some projectiles.

--#Up smash Richter would quickly turn, swinging his whip closely around him and then straight up in one smooth motion, similar to his other smashes, but in a completely different direction. Again, the hitbox would be very narrow, but with great range, making it a powerful anti-air tool, but risky with a fairly slow start up. Left-right hitbox would be rather small making it very poor for crowd control. May also be aimed, and a little more easily than the Side Smash due to the longer start-up time. Sweet spot is, as always, the whip's tip. Can block some projectiles.

==Now here's where Richter becomes unique. Like how Snake has projectile smash attacks, Richter would have projectile strong attacks; in his case, the famous Castlevania sub-weapons. Only three of Richter's sub-weapons, of any kind, may be on screen at once (for each player, of course).

--*#Strong side This would be the cross (a.k.a. "boomerang"). Like in Castlevania, Richter would throw the cross which would move forward a short distance, slow to a halt, and then return the direction it came, building speed again. It would be a multiple hit attack scoring maximum damage if thrown just the right distance from the enemy (so that it slows to a stop on top of the opponent maximizing hits). Knockback would be carefully balanced with the multiple hits making it a weak 'trap' at lower damages and a weak kill move at very high damage. Like in Castlevania, if Richter touches one of his own crosses it disappears without damaing him (as if he picked it up). If he evades his own crosses they will travel farther and faster behind him than they ever did forwards, a curious property with many tactical uses. Can block some projectiles.

--*#Strong up This would be the Axe. As in Castlevania, Richter would toss a large handaxe at an high arc. Fastest of the "sub-weapon" strong attacks with the most knockback (moderate), and single-hit damage, but only deals a single hit. Richter can not be hurt by his own Axes. Not much more to say about this one.

--*#Strong down And here we have the Holy Water. True to SotN, Richter would throw a bottle of holy water onto the ground in front of him which would then burst into a blue fire on the ground, remaining there for a moment before subsiding. Minute fixed knockback makes it impossible to kill with this attack, but the rapid hits can build up damage very quickly and it prevent advance by opponents. The bottle would break and fire appear very shortly after thrown, but not immediately creating a time where the opponent can hit Richter, but the attack will still start-up. The bottle itself can hit, but does extremely little damage and knockback. The fire can block some projectiles. Richter cannot be hurt by his own Holy Water.

--Neutral A For this, I was thinking of stealing some of Trevor Belmont's nice punch-kick combos from Curse of Darkness. Details... I have none yet. ^^;;

--*#Side special "Blade Dash", (at least that's what I call it) is a curious move in that so many people seem to have played through SotN without ever realizing how to do it. Richter does a dashing sholder tackle for a good distance as what look like white energy blades surround him (may actually be him spinning the whip around him). The hitbox would surround him entirely protecting him from some projectiles. It would be a multiple hit attack with small fixed knockback on all hits except when on the ground the last (when he stops) which would have greater knockback, knocking away anyone who's been caught in the move. Starts up fast, but there's a brief recovery period at the end.

--*Up special "Uppercut", "Super Uppercut" or "Super Jump', as it is often known, is a move ripped straight out of SotN (save the infinate usage, of course). Introduced in the game as a way for Richter to travel to many high places Alucard could, it's a jumping uppercut with his whip trailing below the extrended arm, glowing. It launches Richter extremely high (enough to qualify as a [[wonder height recovery]) at a very steep angle breaking through all opponents or breakable objects in his way. It would have decent damage and knockback with super armor(?) all the way up, but no way to aim it and cannot [sweet spot] the edge. The move ends with Richter at the highest point of the jump if not canceled earlier and would not leave him helpless (otherwise it would be a death wish to use).

--*Down special "Slide"/"Slide-Jump" is a signiture move of Richter's. It's a very quick sliding kick covering a good distance. Pressing B again during the slide will cause Richter to push off the ground with his hands where he is almost doubling the distance traveled. The initial slide would be surprisingly fast, but with more recovery time at the tail end (like in SotN). The base Slide would have moderate damage and knockback. The Slide-Jump would deal about the same damage, but the knockback would be quite powerful at the cost of significantly increased recovery time. Careful timing would allow Richter to hit an opponent with both a Slide and connected Slide-Jump. Used in the air, this becomes a stall-then-fall diving kick (also a move in SotN). Against another midair opponent it acts as a moderate-weak meteor smash, and if it hits all of Richter's midair options are refreshed, adding to an otherwise weak air game.

--*Neutral special "Whip Spin" Think Sheik's Side Special. It functions very similar to that except Richter wouldn't lean forward and his version would have more damage and knockback and less stunning and combo potential. Why give him such a similar move? Because he has it in his game. Sheik never uses a whip from what I can remember... this suits Richter more than her anyway. Tip of the whip would be the sweet spot again, but it'd be very tricky to aim it. Can block some projectiles.

--*Final Smash "HOLY CROSS!!" This now-famous Castlevania attack was first used by Richter and is the obvious choice for his Final Smash. Richter leaps up and floats in the air in the classic pose as a stage-tall pillar of light forms around him and giant crucifixes spiral around it culminating with the pillar of light expanding to engulf the whole screen. The attack would have a mild vaccum effect keeping those hit by it in it until it finishes. The pillar of light would deal continuous damage and be blockable, the crucifixes dealing even more if they hit and would be unblockable. The final flash at the end woul launch all caught in it with good knockback and slightly damaging/knocking back all else on the screen (unless they guard). Those caught in the middle of the attack (right next to Richter) from the start would be stuck and most likely koed.


-*Richter's backwards roll would be his backflip dodge from Castlevania. While most rolls are low to the ground, this one would actually be quite high, though the invinciblity frames make it nothing more than an aesthetic difference.

-Like every other character with one or something that resembles one, Richter would have a tether throw that could also be used for tether recovery (similar to how Trevor can use it in Super Castlevania 4)

-#I think characters' alternate colors shouldn't always just be palette swaps. I think the dull alternate colors of Sonic should be replaced with Shadow, Silver, and the like. Exact same moves, exact same properties, hitboxes and all, just a more varied look. Similarly, I think Richter should have alternate costumes to look like Trevor, Simon, Leon, Julius, or at least his own evil version. C'moooon, Nintendo. :-P

-He'd walk, run, and jump fairly well. After all, he is portrayed as especially athletic, even for a Belmont.

-#He'd be a middleweight

-No crawl, no glide, yes wall jump


-Smash attacks would have huge range and precision potential while remaining decently powerful. When the whip (the hitbox) moves, it moves fast.

-Power side ("Cross sub-weapon") would have many tactical uses and set up combos very well

-Power up ("Axe sub-weapon") would attack at an unusual, but useful angle and be a great anti-air

-Power down ("Holy Water sub-weapon") could combo with itself for huge damage building (to prevent an easy infinite-combo opponents would have a window to dodge out after a certain number of hits(?)) and can set-up well for other attacks.

-Side special "Blade Dash" is great for countering edgeguarders.

-Down special "Slide/Slide-Jump" would allow for quick advances while attacking, have great knockback and can be used to counter very high and low attacks respectively.

-Moves complement both offensive and defensive tactics very well.

-Many attacks can protect from certain projectiles.


-Attacks can be difficult to aim and are very punishable if they miss.

-Would lack standard strong attacks and the advantages they have.

-Brief, but obvious vulnerable periods during most attacks.

-Up special "Super Uppercut" would have little horizontal recovery and place Richter high in the air- where he's at his weakest.

-Cannot recover diagnally.

-"Slide-Jump" used carelessly may result in serious punishment.

Alternate Ideas[edit]

-Some things I'm just not sure of. Mostly, whether sub-weapons should be strong attacks as I have above, or a special attack. I was thinking maybe replace the neutral special "Whip Spin" with them, making the Whip Spin activated by holding A after a whip attack or dropping it entirely, or replacing the side special "Blade Dash" and making that his dash attack instead. Taunt buttons would be used to switch the active sub-weapon and the special button used to use it (they're too different to be effective if randomized). Or perhaps the weapon would be chosen by the direction pushed immeditely after B, perhaps throwing in the Dagger or another sub-weapon from Castlevania as well. In either case, his new strong attacks would be either original whip moves, ones based on his Whip Spin (if that's removed), or more fancy Trevor-esque punching and kicking (probably multi-attack like Snake's). What do you think?

-If the subweapon was chosen beforehand (as mentioned in the last bit) then perhaps the Final Smash should fit to match... Y'know, the Cross isn't the only sub-weapon with an Item Crash (super-attack version) ^^;; Just wishful thinking here. Unlikely.

-Perhaps a fully-charged smash should have additional flame damage, like when Richter powers up in SotN?

-Julius Belmont in Aria of Sorrow has an different version of the "Holy Cross" attack that has a less 'powerful' religious connotation, and might thus be a more "acceptable" choice for a final smash. It is similar to Richter's, but without the spiraling crucifixes, a giant cross of blue fire behind him rather than the pillar of light, it lasts notably longer and the vaccuum effect is actually in the original game for this version (and very powerful at that), and the flash at the end is gone. I'd perfer Richter's version, but... it is considered risque by some.

-Julius also has a useful dodge technique unique to him in Castlevania games, but may work well as Richter's forward roll. It's a standing slide that covers a very far distance with many, many, invincibility frames at the cost of being rather slow. I'm really not sure if it's a good idea or a bad one, kept so true to Julius' original, but it would give Richter an more unique rolling game.

-Playing SotN again, I realized something I'd forgotten: "Blade Dash" has HUGE knockback (sending the player entirely across the room and into the wall), and is (thus) not capable of multiple hits (only when fighing Richter, not as him since enemies can't be knocked back like the player can). Due to the nature of the move (a quick charge) it may be overpowered to give it the massive knockback like it originally had. It's not uncommon for converted moves to be altered a bit for balance, but being closer to the original would be nice. What do you guys think? Would that be a bit too much to make it a high-knockback move?

-I made a mistake in my original writing of this believing that his Backflip had a small built-in 'wavedash'. Turns out it's VERY small, pretty much negligable. I still like the idea since it works well with his side smash, but it's not really a natural property of his flip after all.

Wrapping Up[edit]

Well, there you go. He's be a rather advanced character; difficult to use, but has good potential. Please excuse my haphazzard tense usage, I wrote this in an erratic order and probably made a few mistakes in grammar and- possibly- move specifics. It's still a work-in-progress. Tell me what you think, suggestions, criticisms, additions, subtractions, your own character idea, just be nice. ^^

These videos show the moves what I was referancing (as well as a few I didn't):



[5] <- actually has Slide-Jump! :gonk:

[6] <- Julius Belmont

Thank you, Zaenos (talk) 03:03, 27 July 2008 (UTC)Zaenos

Wow. That's extensive. Semicolon (talk) 20:12, 28 July 2008 (UTC)

New character idea[edit]

Shadow would be a perfect character, and Metal Sonic should be as the new assist trophy. And Dr. Eggman should be fought as a boss. Captain Seven-Twenty (talk) 15:16, 22 September 2008 (UTC) PERFECT BRAWLERS

Shadow as a new character would be really cool but would be over repping the sonic series although if nintendo bought the sonic team i see no reason to not. id rather have knuckles or tails than metal sonic. eggman would be an interesting boss. Bdude5 (talk) 17:38, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

Please don't bump topics this old. Anon 19:35, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

i would sugest the following: Krystal-FS=Cloud Runner Samurai goroh-FS=Fire Stingray Louie-FS=Titan Dweevil Porky Minch-FS=Spider Mech(or King P. statue) RIDLEY-FS=META RIDLEY

.............. No real point but here are my ideas •Ridley- because he is a villain, a Metroid character, a fan favorite and was in every smash game before. •Krystal- Popular, female and a Star Fox character that can fit in well. •Geno- popular and a notable character in SMRPG. •King K. Rool- villain and a Donkey Kong character who is actually notable. •MegaMan- the overall most wanted character now. Capcom also is apparently saving him since Zero was in a recent fighting game WITHOUT MegaMan. Probably to boost the fan's need for his inclusion. •Shadow- a villain, beloved character and a Sonic character. •Mewtwo- same reason as OmegaTyrant. •Hatsune Miku- wait why did I write that?! •Waluigi- Wario's only notable companion. •Tails- Sonic's best friend, popular and notable. •Knuckles- A sonic character, notable, popular. •Goku- 3rd party characters are nice, but 4th party characters are unexpected! Plus Goku is the most popular anime character and really unique. Did you know Sean Schemmel was Lucario's original voice actor? Was my last sentence necessary at all? It wasn't . Also the roster should go past the short 4 character from a series limit. Not to shove in useless guys like Goomba(no offense to Goomba lovers) but to have more room for notable characters whom were thrown out due to this limit.( No good example besides Toad, who isn't that notable in fighting terms).Drakon64 (talk) 17:50, 7 December 2011 (EST)