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Smbz.jpg "I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say" -Nappa; DBZ Abridged


Okay here's the dealio on my user self. I am a Dragon/Human decendent of the Shen-Ryu. I become a large insectoid/draconic monster if I see the moon. Drakons are like dragons, only capable of becoming human-like (Wings, Tail, Horns and Fangs are still present, but otherwise I'm human) and have few Insect/Arachnid qualities as well. My love of the Nintendo 64 gave me the idea of adding it to my name. Also I love eating Puffins for some reason, they're just so delicious to me. As ReiDemon puts it; " I'm a freakish mess of a monster that eats puffins!". That pretty much sums it up. Also for some reason I could tell YoshiEggs was a girl before she even stated it. No idea why.

Hi everyone :3

I am a user who's pretty dedicated to this wiki and will ensure its usefulness. If one wants to speak with me, check my talk page. I may not be of high class in this wiki but I can answer any question regarding Smash Bros related topics so don't be shy.I used to be Drakkon64 but my computer couldn't recognize my old password despite putting in the right one in. Drakon64 CharizardHeadSSBB.png

On another note, I love DINNER.

King%20and%20Link%20Dinner%20pic.PNG A philosopher of sorts teaching the next generation about the question that boggled the minds of scientists.

I wunder wutz 4 DINNER.

My Manga and Review Pages

User:Drakon64/Manga User:Drakon64/ YTP

In Brawl

I usually choose Pokemon Trainer, whom nowadays I use to full potential rather then playing only Charizard like I did in the past. I also came to main Ice-Climbers, whom I started using shortly after my fight with Omega Tyrant. Despite popular belief, I do not like Charizard as a Pokemon. I like him for his Dragon like appearance and playability. I am NOT a Pokemon fan, but that doesn't mean I hate Pokemon. Depending on my mood, I have various techniques. I'm listing them below.

  • Hit and Run

— A safe way yet takes a lot of time. Best used if Character has good speed or grabbing techniques. Projectile also help. Best used on big stages like Temple.

  • Unfair Fare

— In a normal safety matter, I simply focus on KOing opponent. This includes using meteor smashes like stomp Airials if foe has no surface below, combined with good edge guarding and edge hogging will spell DOOM. Sadly this is hard, as most characters with good meteor smashes have horrible recoveries, which could result in a KO for you instead. Grabbing is a great way to start up this. Throwing or knocking foes at the edge of screen is another way, but is very risky and requires good dodging skills.

  • Mr. Plow

— The most risky of techniques, yet most effective. A violent charge and continued pressure is a vicious way to strike, and dodgeing and sidesteps can avoid counterattacks. Good power and combos along with overwhelming skill is at it's best. Heavyweights are recommended due to their strength and difficulty being KOed. Speedy characters are also if not more useful, as skills mean a lot in this.

  • Randomness

— Best used during competitive play, use the fusion of Cheap, Forceful and Safety to make a Jaggernaut of Unbeatability. Enemies will have trouble figuring out your next move but keeping random is hard, as pressure may force a predictable move and as such will result in severe punishment. Any character can do this well, but it's the player's ability to do this is what detirmines the effectiveness.

In Competive play

I have been in 5 unofficial tournaments and 2 others which I don't know if were official or not. I am best on One-on-One fights, since I have to worry about 2 players whom ALWAYS gang up on me (Im talkin to you, LENNY!!!!!). I main Pokemon Trainer ( as a whole),Ice-Climbers (now my 2nd best guy), Sonic, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Meta-Knight and Bowser. I'm worst with Wario, King DDD, Olimar and ROB. I will never edge guard with attacks like Flamethrower ( Learned this lesson ever since a tornament at Books-a-Million, as it gives the opponent his or her jumps and recovery back...) so now I use meteor smashes instead. Here's my list of acheivements at Tournaments:

  • First Tournament-29/32 (wasn't that good at fighting.)At: Barns and Nobel, before it moved. Used Charizard.
  • Second Tournament-15/32 At: Regency Square, Jacksonville. Used Bowser. IDK if official.
  • Third Tournament-7/32 At: Borders. Used Charizard again.
  • Forth Tournament-4/32 At: Books-a-Million. Tag Team, Curse you Lenny. Used Charizard.
  • Fifth Tournament-1/8 At: Highlands Middle School. Easy win, Since none were that experienced. Used Sonic.
  • Sixth Tournament-2/32 At: Books-a-Million. Curse my stupidity at edge guarding. Used Charizard. IDK if official.
  • Seventh Tournament-1/16 At: Sunshine INN ( I believe that's the name.). Used Charizard AGAIN :3

I am now a really good Brawler, despite only being 15. I am neutral about Tier Lists now, since I realized it's not how a player played at a big tournament, but the overall potential of the character. Say Ganondorf won 1st place at 20 official tournaments, his tier wouldn't change because Gannondorf's potential is smaller than all the other character's potentials. However lots of characters are overlooked AND underlooked. But I really don't care what other people from Utah ( just an example, no offense to anyone) thinks about my mains. Still, I crave the heat of battle. I love fighting in Brawl. I love how my opponents get treated like rag dolls when they come anywhere near me. It doesnt matter if I'm Charizard, Sonic or Mario, I will fight like an elite from Heaven. I never think of my character's limits, because that would be doubt and that will hinder my abilities. Still I'm far from perfect, which being perfect would have little enjoyment because nobody would ever be a challenge. I've seen admins like Omega Tyrant on YouTube fight, which was nice to witness known professionals battle. Sadly I don't believe I'll ever fight them since my Wii can't access farout Wiis IDK how to go online with it. Plus I highly doubt BlindColours or DoctorPain99 are anywhere near my area. But I will find a way eventually. I fought some people now. Ignore the Info above. Here's the data:


A Ike main. Not too strong. He's about my level if not slightly under. I grown fond of the battles we share as well. Both he and I are considered "easy to beat" by Mega whom I took strong offense. He hates cheapness and for his sake I refuse to reveal his secrets. Play as Olimar against him and he'll hate u forever XD. TU seems to underestimate him sometimes. Overall a great Brawler and dare I say friend. Someday the both of us will rise up and become the champions XD. VERY IMPORTENT NOTE: he likes burgers XD

Update: AB now changed his main from Ike to Marth and Pikachu. He found Ike's strength as a poor comeback for his slowness and overall weak defense towards projectiles. He also improved his skill a lot ( thankfully so did I so I won't be left out). This was shown when he beat Pokemonultimate in every match without using either of his mains. He also now uses more effective ways of battling, like using the edgehog technique. Also despite what it my seem, AB prefers Melee over Brawl due to the removal of some technical battling options like L-Cancelling.


First guy I ever brawled. I get along with him. Due to lag I could hardly keep up with his skill. A great Brawler but due to our distance I will never fight him at my fullest. His knowledge of Memes and "other stuff" was the main reason I would relate so easily. He makes a whole lotta funny vids on YouTube and is quite creative for a person of his stature and rank. Often points out my ways in the least descriminating way when I do something wrong. The guy made the Epic Super Smash Meme, a future game that will pretty much turn the SSB series to the YTP series. Any comments? Bison: YES!!!YES!!!! 0-0 okay......but anyway he's awesome and is probably the best contributor here ( though Mousehunter is defiantly an equally good at wiki contributing) whos not admin. Plus he made my signature here: Drakon64 I'm not sure if the other image is going to update correctly, so I'll just do it this way. . Isn't it epic? Thanks Again, Toast!

User:Omega Tyrant

A main of DDD, Snake and Wolf. OT is a really awesome admin who is even better with his intellect. Stronger then me no doubt, even at my best I couldn't win a single match, though I came close 5 times. He abuses Character's good points and makes them a immortal juggernaut. Even Gannon, who is bottom tier, is made into the brute of power seen in his games. Still he dodges a lot and counter attacks most the time. Other times has him using projectile to make an opening or using his famous chain grabs on foes. However I learned his weakness. One must be quicker and swifter then him. Avoid his grabs as DDD and counter his f-special as Wolf. Side-Stepping works well when he attacks. If u grab him use the throw that makes most damage. Pray u have more then one. He relies on predicting the enemy a lot so randomness is his enemy. Don't ever use the same technique twice in a row. He only falls for tricks once, the next time will be either luck or lag in battle. Avoid being near the edge of stage cuz he always has a trick to beat you. Still, countering his counter usually works. Because of his belief in skill, he has little to no back-up plan and once u take advantage you better not screw up the chance or you'll pay. He loves combos on both air and ground, so be ready to react, and reactions will loosen up OT's grip on the battle. His dodging skills are great, but he overly relies on them. I proved this when I fought Wolf as Pit. He kept trying to dodge the arrow with little avail. He eventually brought out the reflector which had me for a while. Once I reflected my own arrow it came back and forth growing each time it hit my shield. His reflector died and gave himself an instant KO. This happened again during the same fight, so take note of that. Perfect Shielding will do little against OT as I previously stated, loves combos. Perfect shielding works only once. Hopefully this will help anyone who wants to know about OT's weaknesses. That means you, Avengingbandit. XD

Update!: He is bad when against DK mains. Ignore the Pit vs Wolf part. OT is really weak against fast close quarters combat. If one is lucky enough to get the chance, he's screwed. Also Olimar and Ice Climber mains have an advantage against him. Ikes must learn how to side-step fast, cancel their jab with a roll or side-step and avoid too much aerial encounters hint-hint AB.


Commenly referred to as "dots", he is a great user on this wiki. I'm talkin admin rewarding ;). Dots is a fan of Smastasm and more specifically Lamp, the iconic character whos mind was effectively increased with YouTube Poop always going around his epic head. Dots also made a very random story, whom I'd like to help out if I can ( my inclusion towards SMBZ gave me creativity in storylines and such). Dots commonly fixes vandal edits or incorrect information, which is strangely a big part here. His power level is.....well you don't even need me to say it but I will anyways......Over 9000!!!!!!!! We Brawled and he beat me using mostly Meta Knight and Kirby. As MK, he nearly had complete control of the battle when I fought as Char and Ivy. Squirtle gave little better effort. As Kirby, I at several times came close to win but lost due to recovery failures. Hopefully the next time we Brawl, I'll use my other Mains. One I saved that might even give MK trouble ;).

User:Mr. Anon

One of the many icons on Smash Wiki, he is a main of Kirby. During our Brawl, I have to say I surpassed him by an inch, as while our skill is near even, our choice in characters let me win the battle. He makes well timed Hammer approaches and has great airial skill, yet has little reactions when attacked and his next move is occasionally predictable ( though this is more Kirby's flaws then his). In the end he is a worthy Brawler and a good user here.


Another good user here. We joined on the same day and got along quite well. He is rarely online however but when he is online enjoyment is ensured. I even made him his fancy signature as a Christmas gift and helped him out whenever I could. A newbie to the world of Brawl as he only recently got it. He has a good nature and sense of humor, like AB. Pretty smart to by the looks of it.


One of my best friends on the wiki. We get along almost too well. We both try to make other users not curse, and love our anime( particularly Lucky Star). She has the cutest name on the wiki as well =3. As you may tell, she mains Yoshi and loves the character a lot. As long as users are nice to her innocence I don't have to eat anyone;). Very friendly and kind, mostly towards LightningBlue and me. She's the same age as Bowserdude (10 years old) and easily made her way as one of my best friends. Obey the Yoshi everyone!Drakon64 I'm not sure if the other image is going to update correctly, so I'll just do it this way. 22:35, 21 February 2012 (EST)

About Me

  • I'm aware of most Internet Memes ( Mah Boi)
  • Fan of Ssb, Dbz, Mario, Sonic, Godzilla, Invader Zim, Scott Pilgrim, Digimon, a few horror sci-fi and recent films, Most Anime, oi the list could go forever.....
  • Fearsomely skilled at games I play.
  • Only 14 years old and a little genius :3
  • Makes a few Manga for self amusement
  • Loves Dragons and Dragon-like characters
  • Hates generic fighting in animation. Anime is superior this way
  • Very friendly to those who don't try to kill me.
  • Waiting desperately for next Ssf2 demo
  • Involvement with Super Mario Bros Z
  • I LiKe Tuur-Tulz
  • Made you read this
  • Saw a fish
  • Saved the King's head from the Spartans and WeeGee
  • Pure and loves God
  • Real Name isn't not inexistent.

Awesome Vids

You know you love it. Note some may not be suitible for younger viewers.

What happens when the popular singer Hatsune Miku is mixed with YouTube Poop? The famous Triple Baka now mixed with King Harkinian, Link, Fat Mario and Gwnoam in a hilarious video!


That's right. Anyone notice what's missing here? I'm gonna show you all the experience of a lifetime. As if your existence here was nothing untill this epic moment. For all you Smash Bros fans itching to know what it is, prepare yourself. For all the good people of Smash Wiki I bring you the awesomeness that makes everything else pale in comparison. Should life itself be worthy of such a moment of this. I bring you all................................... .......... ......... ........ .......... SUPER SMASH BROS CARAMELLDANSEN <youtube> lQEFoR-v5R8</youtube>