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Chrom (SSBU)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack Hitbox visualization of Chrom's jab
Forward tilt Hitbox visualization of Chrom's Forward tilt
Up tilt ChromUTilt.gif
Down tilt ChromDTilt.gif
Dash attack ChromDashAttack.gif
Forward smash Hitbox visualization for Chrom's Forward Smash
Up smash ChromUSmash.gif
Down smash ChromDSmash.gif
Neutral aerial ChromNAir.gif
Forward aerial ChromFAir.gif
Back aerial ChromBAir.gif
Up aerial ChromUAir.gif
Down aerial ChromDAir.gif
Neutral special Flare Blade ChromNSpecial.gif
Neutral special (max charge) Flare Blade ChromNSpecialMax.gif
Side special 1 Double-Edge Dance ChromSSpecialHit1.gif
Side special 2 (neutral) Double-Edge Dance ChromSSpecialHit2.gif
Side special 2 (up) Double-Edge Dance ChromSSpecialHit2Up.gif
Side special 3 (neutral) Double-Edge Dance ChromSSpecialHit3.gif
Side special 3 (up) Double-Edge Dance ChromSSpecialHit3Up.gif
Side special 3 (down) Double-Edge Dance ChromSSpecialHit3Down.gif
Side special 4 (neutral) Double-Edge Dance ChromSSpecialHit4.gif
Side special 4 (up) Double-Edge Dance ChromSSpecialHit4Up.gif
Side special 4 (down) Double-Edge Dance ChromSSpecialHit4Down.gif
Up special rising Soaring Slash ChromUSpecialRising.gif
Up special falling Soaring Slash ChromUSpecialFalling.gif
Up special landing Soaring Slash ChromUSpecialLanding.gif
Down special Counter ChromDSpecial.gif
Down special (hit) Counter ChromDSpecialAttack.gif
Standing grab ChromGrab.gif
Dash grab ChromDashGrab.gif
Pivot grab ChromPivotGrab.gif
Pummel ChromPummel.gif
Forward throw ChromFThrow.gif
Back throw ChromBThrow.gif
Up throw ChromUThrow.gif
Down throw ChromDThrow.gif
Getup attack front ChromGetupAttackFront.gif
Getup attack back ChromGetupAttackBack.gif
Getup attack trip ChromTripAttack.gif
Ledge attack ChromLedgeAttack.gif