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Character info
Smash 64 main Mario
Other Smash 64 character Jigglypuff
Team info
Former crews Shinigami Guardians, iXi
Personal and other info
Real name Phillip
Location South Carolina United States

Smasherx74 is a professional Super Smash Bros. 64 player from South Carolina. He started playing Smash 64 via online play in late 2006.

Smasherx74 would reach stardom when he joined the Kaillera online community in late 2006 as he would accumulate a win record that would rival colleague smasher "Mango". Smasher quickly rose up the ranks and found fame after he defeated Smash 64 champion "MATTS" in a four stock victory.

Although notable for being among the chief contributors to Project 64k, Smasherx74 has led a controversial career as a smasher; he has been criticized for his arrogant behavior towards opponents after losing games, and he was later banned from the Galaxy64 servers by Firo from 2009 to 2011, and this ban later became permanent.

During his ban, Smasherx74 continues to play Smash 64 on the actual Nintendo 64, as well as beginning to learn Melee; despite this, he has not taken part in any notable tournaments for either.

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