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Ike grab glitch

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The Ike grab glitch being performed.

The Ike grab glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Brawl involving Ike and King Dedede on Corneria.

How to perform[edit]

Two players are required for this glitch — one selecting Ike and the other King Dedede — though only one needs to do anything.

On Corneria, use Ike to grab King Dedede while Dedede's feet must be touch the bottom edge of the Great Fox's fin. The position can be easily viewed by going to training mode as Ike against King Dedede and using Ike's Bair on Dedede towards the fin once without moving him.

Doing this glitch correctly will result in King Dedede being stuck in a strange animation, during which the game will emit a buzzing noise. If done in training, the player can slow down the speed to see that King Dedede is actually bumping between the fin and Ike. This reveals that the buzzing noise is actually the sound of said bumping being played in extremely rapid succession. The grab does not end unless Ike pummels King Dedede or presses a directional button. It doesn't do any damage, however.

The glitch may also be performed at the head of the ship, where King Dedede must have his right foot almost touch the tip of the curve on the head.


It is possible that this glitch is caused by King Dedede rapidly alternating between his "grabbed high" and "grabbed low" animations. This alternation is usually triggered only once based on whether the grabbed character's feet are on the ground during the grab, but it is possible that the exact placement of the glitch combined with Corneria's constant movement results in a rapid alternation between "on ground" and "off ground". However, this does not explain why Dedede does not naturally escape the grab.

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