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Rename username?[edit]

I noticed that a part of your username was a mistake. If you would like a rename for your username, ask Toomai for help. Dots (talk) Mewtwo's menusprite from Pokemon generations III, IV, and V. Formerly used in Dots' signature. The Heavy Weapons Guy 20:36, 8 November 2013 (EST)


Would you be interested in a brawl sometime? Awesome Cardinal 2000 11:04, 1 February 2014 (EST)

Yes, I would. My code is in my user page, and send me yours, too. Requiem of Ice (talk) 12:01, 1 February 2014 (EST)
My code is on my page. Would sometime tomorrow work for you? Awesome Cardinal 2000 13:23, 1 February 2014 (EST)
Yeah. I'll add you and we'll fight tomorrow. Requiem of Ice (talk) 01:57, 2 February 2014 (EST)
If youre ready, go on IRC. Awesome Cardinal 2000 13:00, 2 February 2014 (EST)

Re: Brawl[edit]

I'll probably be available Friday or Saturday. I'll notify you then. Also, due to my Wii breaking, I'll have to use Nunchuck, so I might not be able to play as well as I really can. SSBBNess (talk) SSBBNess sig image.png 07:29, 17 March 2014 (EDT)

@SSBBNess if you want to reply to a talk page post on your own page, do it on your own page, not on another person's talk page. ZeldaStarfoxfan2164 (talk) Zeldasprite.gif Falcosprite.gif is bad for me 11:17, 17 March 2014 (EDT)

Hey, I'm finally available. Still using Wii + Nunchuck. Friend code is 1679-7140-3173. Notify me if you accept. SSBBNess (talk) SSBBNess sig image.png 20:13, 11 April 2014 (EDT)


Can you Brawl anytime soon?

Link PWNS (talk) 20:41, 22 March 2014 (EDT)

Maybe, but I'm not sure. But first, how good are you? Requiem of Ice (talk) 02:48, 23 March 2014 (EDT)

Oh,I don't know,I know I like to think I'm above average, but the reason I asked is because I thought it'd be cool to have a Link vs. Link match.

Link PWNS (talk) 13:07, 23 March 2014 (EDT)

Well, my Wii's internet is out of whack, so I'm gonna get that checked and maybe we can both fight soon. Requiem of Ice (talk) 00:18, 24 March 2014 (EDT)

Hi there![edit]


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