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Ultimate mains Isabelle, Young Link, Pichu
Skill Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Amateur
Additional info
Birth date (age 16)
NNID SpacieSlayer
Location Florida United States

optimized mario is top 5 i swear guys

I'm mainly an Isa main, I'm trying to get better at this game and am very knowledgable; feel free to ask me questions about the game on the Discord server!

I make hitbox visualizations, many of them being on this wiki.

Also! I have a discord server, dedicated to guides and such I've made! I also own the Isabelle Discord for Smash Ultimate, with over 800 members and counting! You can find us here!

Wiki Userbox[edit]

Dispute Handling 50%    
Smash Skill 65%    
Smash Knowledge 85%    
Spelling/Grammar 95%    
Typing Speed 90%    
Wikipresence 55%    
Wikiskill 34%    
Basic Attributes
Discord Maker This user uses the Discord server.
Mr. Vulcan This user's Logic attacks deal 33% more damage.
Photographer This user can upload screenshots.
Rasterizer This user can create .png images.
Vigilant Noctivigant This user is often around while the rest of the wiki is asleep.
Other Attributes

This user has made 126 edits.