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Mmmmmmmeeeeep. Hello I am mr gamer 770 I haven't played smash bros a lot I started playing Christmas of 2014 when I got the wiiu version of the game I'm not the best player but I'm not bad I've played Super Smash Bros. Melee only once but Super Smash Bros. 4 wiiu version a lot I have 4 mains they are R.O.B, Mr. Game & Watch, Ike, and Luigi, I own a lv 50 Luigi amiibo I'm here to share my knowledge to this wiki

sexy pictures
North American ROB.png my favirote robot
Ike SSB4.png the guy that everyone hates but I like
Luigi SSB4.png the sexy internal understudy
Mr. Game & Watch SSB4.png the master of the 2nd dimension
Lucas SSB4.png Da physic boy with da Jimmy nuetron hair