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Brawl main King Dedede
Crew(s) N/A
Former crews N/A
Skill Other High
Additional info
Real name Adam Lewis
Location Mechanicsburg, Ohio United States

Hey, it's Dededefan. I decided to help out on SmashWiki as well. If an enemy location is missing, I'll gladly put in what one or ones is missing. I will also help out with needed pictures.

Smash Bros. Veteran

I am a veteran and fan of the Smash Bros. games.

My Favorite Characters (Brawl)

These are all my favorite characters in Brawl.

Link=Dedede (SSBB) King Dedede

The head honcho and the King of Dream Land. I'm glad he was finally put in a Smash Bros. game. Beware of the Hammer. He's the character I fight with the most.

Link=Mario (SSBB) Mario

He's a favorite from SSB.

Link=Kirby (SSBB) Kirby

Another fav from SSB. Love using his Copy Ability

Link=Toon Link (SSBB) Toon Link

The Hero of Winds!

Link=Diddy (SSBB) Diddy Kong

My favorite Kong from DKC and DKC 2.

Link=Falco (SSBB) Falco

A favorite character from Melee. Hate how his Reflector works in Brawl.

Link=Meta Knight (SSBB) Meta Knight

He's one of my most favorite Kirby characters

Link=Wario (SSBB) Wario

Love his bike, B and Down B move and his Final Smash

Link=Yoshi (SSBB) Yoshi

Yet another fav from SSB. I felt that I neglected him in Melee, so I decided to bring him back in Brawl.

Link=Ness (SSBB) Ness

Another fav from SSB. Love his PK Flash and PSI Magnet.

Link=Pokémon Trainer (SSBB) Pokémon Trainer (mainly Ivysaur)

Love the Poke'mon's moves, like Bullet Seed and Flamethrower.

Link=DK (SSBB) Donkey Kong

Last fav from SSB. Brought him back into play since I love the DKC games

Link=Fox (SSBB) Fox

Decided to fight with him as well so Falco won't be the only character I use from Star Fox.

Link=Peach (SSBB) Peach

My favorite Princess.

Former Favorite Characters

Link=Link (SSBB) Link

Second-to-last fav from SSB. Replaced by Toon Link.

Link=Ice Climbers (SSBB) Ice Climbers

My favorite duo from Melee. Replaced by the return of Yoshi