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Dispute Handling 50%    
Smash Skill 60%    
Smash Knowledge 90%    
Spelling/Grammar 95%    
Typing Speed 70%    
Wikipresence 80%    
Wikiskill 65%    
Basic Attributes
Big Cheese This user is an admin.
Discord Maker This user uses the Discord server.
Mr. Vulcan This user's Logic attacks deal 33% more damage.
Photographer This user can upload screenshots.
Respectability This user cannot use Troll attacks.
Rock Head This user is immune to Troll attacks.
Other Attributes
Fairy With a Tail This user is a member of Fairy Tail.
人斬り抜刀斎 拙者は流浪人
Don't Lose Your Way This user is a Life Fibers-infused human.
Lucky Charm This user is a savior of Paris.
Bless the Rains Down in Africa This user is a fan of 80's music.
They Call It Lonely Digging This user is a fan of electro swing.
This Reminds Me of a Puzzle This user is a true gentleman.
Life is Strange This user has hella control over time.
Science is Fun This user is a tester of Aperture Science technology.
MarioIcon(SSBU).png This user dislikes Mario as a person.
LuigiIcon(SSBU).png This user can be a little cowardly at times.
DrMarioIcon(SSBU).png This user's grandma is a doctor.
PeachIcon(SSBU).png This user is kind-hearted.
DaisyIcon(SSBU).png This user enjoys defying gender stereotypes.
RosalinaIcon(SSBU).png This user's waifu is the space princess herself.
BowserIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks this guy is a idiot for not seeing that doing the same plan repeatedly is a bad idea.
BowserJrIcon(SSBU).png This user is a little spoiled.
PiranhaPlantIcon(SSBU).png This user likes quirky characters in fighting games.
DonkeyKongIcon(SSBU).png This user is surprisingly strong.
DiddyKongIcon(SSBU).png This user doesn't like hats.
KingKRoolIcon(SSBU).png This user loves King K. Rool in Smash.
YoshiIcon(SSBU).png This user is both fast and heavy.
WarioIcon(SSBU).png This user farts a lot.
LinkIcon(SSBU).png This user has only played a few Zelda games, and only beaten one of them.
YoungLinkIcon(SSBU).png This user isn't good with time constraints.
ToonLinkIcon(SSBU).png This user loves both sky and sea.
ZeldaIcon(SSBU).png This user would definitely love to wield magic casually.
SheikIcon(SSBU).png This user is sneaky.
GanondorfIcon(SSBU).png This user's preferred way of KOing people in Smash is disrespect.
SamusIcon(SSBU).png This user loves everything about space.
DarkSamusIcon(SSBU).png This user doesn't really have a "dark side".
ZeroSuitSamusIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks this girl is hot.
RidleyIcon(SSBU).png This user is not too big.
KirbyIcon(SSBU).png This user likes eating.
MetaKnightIcon(SSBU).png This user doesn't care about tier lists.
KingDededeIcon(SSBU).png This user likes goofy characters.
FoxIcon(SSBU).png This user wishes he had an Arwing.
FalcoIcon(SSBU).png This user prefers airplanes over all modes of transportation.
WolfIcon(SSBU).png This user likes cool-looking villains.
PikachuIcon(SSBU).png This user has a shocking personality.
JigglypuffIcon(SSBU).png This user loves video game music.
PichuIcon(SSBU).png This user can sometimes defy expectations.
MewtwoIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks Lucario is better than Mewtwo.
PokémonTrainerIcon(SSBU).png This user plays Pokémon.
SquirtleIcon(SSBU).png This user can't swim.
IvysaurIcon(SSBU).png This user has only ever used one Grass-type starter (and one Water-type). The rest were Fire-type.
CharizardIcon(SSBU).png This user's name (Aidan) actually comes from the Gaelic word "Aodan", meaning "fire".
LucarioIcon(SSBU).png The aura is with this user.
GreninjaIcon(SSBU).png This user knew it was Greninja that showed up in the trailer.
IncineroarIcon(SSBU).png This user picked Litten as his starter in Moon and Ultra Sun.
CaptainFalconIcon(SSBU).png This user is male.
NessIcon(SSBU).png This user likes baseball.
LucasIcon(SSBU).png This user actually has a hairstyle similar to Lucas.
IceClimbersIcon(SSBU).png This user is glad the Ice Climbers are back.
MarthIcon(SSBU).png This user has blue hair.
LucinaIcon(SSBU).png This user has a love-hate relationship with clones.
RoyIcon(SSBU).png This user's sister has red hair.
ChromIcon(SSBU).png This user prefers an accurate portrayal of a character in Smash.
IkeIcon(SSBU).png This user fights for his friends.
RobinIcon(SSBU).png This user likes Fire Emblem: Awakening.
CorrinIcon(SSBU).png This user is the ocean's gray waves, destined to seek life beyond the shore just out of reach.
MrGame&WatchIcon(SSBU).png This user is not 2D.
PitIcon(SSBU).png This user loves Kid Icarus: Uprising.
DarkPitIcon(SSBU).png Finding this user is the easy part.
PalutenaIcon(SSBU).png This user is an atheist.
OlimarIcon(SSBU).png This user can whistle.
ROBIcon(SSBU).png This user loves technology.
LittleMacIcon(SSBU).png This user couldn't punch someone to save his life.
VillagerIcon(SSBU).png This user isn't all that scary.
IsabelleIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks Animal Crossing is an adorable series.
WiiFitTrainerIcon(SSBU).png This user could use a workout.
ShulkIcon(SSBU).png This user has had his fair share of hardships.
DuckHuntIcon(SSBU).png This user makes obscure references few will get most of the time.
InklingIcon(SSBU).png This user is both a kid and a squid.
SonicIcon(SSBU).png This user has a lot in common with Sonic.
SnakeIcon(SSBU).png This user is dummy thicc, and the clap of his asscheeks keeps alerting the guards.
MegaManIcon(SSBU).png This user spams projectiles.
Pac-ManIcon(SSBU).png This user owns both a Pac-Man onesie (with velcro Pac-Man and ghosts) and a Pac-Man suit.
RyuIcon(SSBU).png This user enjoys crossover fighting games.
KenIcon(SSBU).png This user likes Street Fighter characters in Smash.
CloudIcon(SSBU).png This user enjoys using characters he knows next to nothing about.
BayonettaIcon(SSBU).png This user is much more offensive than defensive.
SimonIcon(SSBU).png This user is too terrible at platformers to be good at Castlevania.
RichterIcon(SSBU).png The next thing this user will say is, "I don't know what to put here." Say it!
JokerIcon(SSBU).png This user enjoys playing a character's game to understand them better as a character.
HeroIcon(SSBU).png This user likes when a character integrates their series' mechanics in Smash.
Banjo&KazooieIcon(SSBU).png This user grew up with a Nintendo 64.
TerryIcon(SSBU).png This user enjoys the love and care put into a character's inclusion in Smash.
Administrator.png This user is an administrator.
None.png This user's favorite color is blue.
PokemonMayNotAmused.png This user considers Disaster Flare to be their frienbesto, accepting the fact that he's a total tool.
SerpKing sig.png This user knows and kind of likes that one Serpent King guy. He kind of smells of old broccoli though...
DRexUserboxImage.jpg This user shares a spiritual roar with DracoRexKing.
PalutenaIcon(SSB4-U).png This user trusts and is a friend of Beep, the user with the highest chance of spelling errors ever.
Alucard Portrait - Dawn of Sorrow.gif This user was once affiliated with that kid BaconMastre.