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Tournament:S.A.M.E 2021

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Current.png This page documents information about a current event.
Information may change rapidly as the event progresses.
S.A.M.E 2021
pulled from Valhalla Online's page
Founded 2021
Region Europe, Online
Format Double Elimination
Director(s) SmashEurope
Website(s) page

S.A.M.E 2021, or Still. Arranging. Melee. Events 2021, is an ongoing online European Super Smash Bros. Melee circuit directed by SmashEurope and sponsored by Beyond the Summit and Poilon Software. A total of ten tournaments, one per month, will be held and will feature singles, doubles, and a crew battle. The finale will be held in November. All tournaments are set to be online and will use Project Slippi.

On April 19th, 2021, it was announced that the points leader after Fête Online would be invited to Smash Summit 11.[1] On May 25th, 2021, it was announced that a change in CDC quarantine requirements meant that Fête Online's date was too close to Smash Summit 11. The qualification parameter was then updated so that the points leader after Smash Sauna Online, that being Pipsqueak, would qualify for Smash Summit 11. Frenzy, the only other player within qualifying distance before the qualification change, was offered flight and entry to an upcoming European offline tournament as compensation.[2]

List of tournaments[edit]

The circuit was initially planned to run to the end of December, however with the return off offline competitive play, Heir Online and Somnio were cancelled while the dates for Teaghlach and Bagarre were shifted. A special tournament specifically for the remaining crew battles will take place in October.[3]

Event Date Attendance
Valhalla Online January 30th-31st 312
The Upset February 27th-28th 269
Phoenix Blue Online March 26th-28th 299
Regen Online April 24th-25th 200
Smash Sauna Online May 22nd-23rd 189
Fête Online June 26th-27th 138
Super Bou Online July 31st-August 1st 107
Teaghlach Online August 21st-22nd 74
Bagarre September 25th-26th TBD


Event Player Tag Character(s) Runner-up Tag Character(s)
Valhalla Online Linus Nordin Sweden Pipsqueak FoxHeadSSBM.png William Hjelte Sweden Leffen FoxHeadSSBM.pngSheikHeadSSBM.png
The Upset William Hjelte Sweden Leffen FoxHeadSSBM.pngSheikHeadSSBM.png Álvaro García Spain Trif PeachHeadSSBM.pngFoxHeadSSBM.png
Phoenix Blue Online Álvaro García Spain Trif PeachHeadSSBM.png Linus Nordin Sweden Pipsqueak FoxHeadSSBM.pngCaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png
Regen Online Elliot Grossman UK Frenzy FalcoHeadSSBM.png unknown Finland Solobattle JigglypuffHeadSSBM.png
Smash Sauna Online Linus Nordin Sweden Pipsqueak FoxHeadSSBM.png Mustafa Akcakaya Germany Ice FoxHeadSSBM.png
Super Bou Online Álvaro García Spain Trif PeachHeadSSBM.png Elliot Grossman UK Frenzy FalcoHeadSSBM.png

Point system[edit]

Place Points
1st 100
2nd 80
3rd 65
4th 50
5th-6th 40
7th-8th 30
9th-12th 20
13th-16th 15
17th-24th 10
25th-32nd 5

Circuit rankings[edit]

Rank Player Points
1st United Kingdom Frenzy 660
2nd Spain Trif 490
3rd Sweden Pipsqueak 400
4th Germany Ice 370
5th Germany Kins0 275
6th Finland Levingy 205
7th Sweden Leffen 180
7th Sweden Meady 180
9th United Kingdom Professor Pro 170
10th Switzerland Jah Ridin' 165
10th United Kingdom MINT 165
10th Netherlands skullbro 165
13th France Mahie 160
13th Germany Nicki 160
13th Finland Solobattle 160
16th* Germany Rikzz 135
  • Rikzz and Sweden Sharp had the same amount of points; as a result, a tiebreaker set was played which Rikzz won 3-1.


In each tournament, the crews in each pool will face off against each other in a round robin format. The top 4 crews of each pool will compete in the December finale.

Pool A[edit]

Team Captain Crewmembers
Netherlands Netherlands Jim Morrison Amsah, FoutNL, Happymealz, Jeapie, Jim Morrison, Nuckels, Renzo, Ser, Skullbro, Styn
Germany Germany Nicki 4tilt, Charon, Kaese, Kins0, Kobobi, Meruem, Nicki, Rikzz, Sixx, Vivi
France France Raoul Baxon, Charlon, Cyr, Enn, Mahie, Makenshi, Poilon, Psylo, Raoul, Tekk
Spain Spain Majoras Axarth, Bazoo, Danieru, Joumeni, K-12, Ksta, Malmortis, Marah, Liax, Trif
Scotland Scotland Phade Fuzzyness, Glaikit, Graeme, Jude, Modentor, Phade, Ryzon, ShiftingShadows, TimeMuffinPhD, TTS
Wales Wales EuO BANG!, Beau, Coral, EuO, Galapagos, Henley, Liberz, Matt Smith, Medli, Rogue
Switzerland Switzerland Jah Ridin' Alain, Bakedgoods, BlackH4ze, Coni Zh, Jah Ridin', Joyboy, MadeInShineA, Néro, Ravio, Saul
Belgium Belgium Razor Ramon Dia, Feradit, Guacamolio, Jelly, Ladder, LunarySSF2, Poro7, Razor Ramon, Triz, Tweaks
Greece Greece Lavos Asteris, Banzike, Deer, Freezi, Kouveskiv, Lamampis, Lavos, Netherdarkness, Nomickok, Pakos

Pool B[edit]

Team Captain Crewmembers
England England Frenzy Alpha Dash, Kingu, Fat Tino, Frenzy, Isdsar, Laurster, Max, Modest Major, Professor Pro, R23
Sweden Sweden Pipsqueak Abbson, Daydee, Eekim, Gr4pe, Humpe, JohnnyFight, Meady, Pipsqueak, Poppmaister, Red
Austria Austria Yoghurt Clemens, Danny, Fox128, Kiw1, Leander, Owen, Parad01x, Steff$, Timi, Yoghurt
Norway Norway Gabe Gabe, JohsyJam, MisfireMartin, Niklas2912, NinjagoFan72, Oldiz, Rich, Sverre, Widl, Zaf
Ireland Ireland MINT Aldo, Balor, Conall, Dara, Haunter, Leck, Luan, MaXy, MINT, Verdant
Finland Finland Mayhem092 Acke, Faptori, Hups, Levingy, Mayhem092, Paju, Pakkanen, Tinker, Salevits, Solobattle
Denmark Denmark Moe Chansey, Eagle, Flippy_o, King Funk, Madsvh, Moe, Stelzig, Tomber, Venictus, VooDoo
Italy Italy Overlord Kenshu, Lele, LowP, Manegaa, Mirko, Nikstrat, Overlord, Poro, Seretur, Smarted
Portugal Portugal Roryx Apollo Bon, ASB, Boga, Coffesauros, Kr1sto, LuigiWC, Pudding, Raiden, Roryx, Xandy

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