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OHN7 Competitors

OHN7 (also known as Don’t Come), was an Australian tournament held in Sydney’s UTS, on the 7th and 8th of December 2008. The East-Coast Australian Major was a hard-pressed partnership with the Ozhadou organisation, a dedicated entity for competitive fighting games. The merge came as a decisive sign of solidarity made by the Melbourne Smasher, CAOTIC.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Crew Match


Melee Teams

1st - CAOTIC & Kupo, We Are Bestest Friends (Victoria)
2nd - Kulla & Berimbau, Cabin Boys (New South Wales)
3rd - Syke & accelerate, Gay Bar (Queensland)

Melee Crews

1st - Gay Bar, Syke/Get That Rat/CAOTIC/Myst Walker (Victoria/Queensland)
2nd - The Rape, ComboTurtle/S.D/Jelly/Bjay (New South Wales)
3rd - No Swords no Turnips, Jaz/Unreon/Berimbau/Kulla (New South Wales)

Brawl Teams

1st - S.D & Turtle (New South Wales)
2nd - Jei & Tak (Victoria)
3rd - Shaya & Meteor (New South Wales)

Brawl Crews

1st - Cabin Boys THE CREW, Shaya/Kulla/Jaz/Berimbau (New South Wales)
2nd - OMG 4 ****ING METAKNIGHTS, Meteor/FTS/Tedeth/Tcranter (New South Wales)
3rd - LOL Patrol, Redact/Jei/CAOTIC/Tak (Victoria)