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Tournament:Midnight Gaming Championship Dallas 2007

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Midnight Gaming Championship Dallas 2007
Dates October 6th, 2007
Address/City Dallas, Texas
Pot size(s) $4000
Super Smash Bros. Melee winners USA KOS-MOS

Midnight Gaming Championship Dallas 2007, abbreviated as MGC Dallas 2007, was an invitational tournament. Players who were in attendance include Dope, Trail, PikaChad, Ihavespaceballs, Sethlon, Watty, FASTLIKETREE, Anther, andLunInSpectra.


Super Smash Bros. Melee singles[edit]

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st USA KOS-MOS PeachHeadSSBM.png $3000
2nd USA Wobbles IceClimbersHeadSSBM.png $1000
3rd USA Boback IceClimbersHeadSSBM.png
4th USA LoZR FoxHeadSSBM.png
5th USA UTD Zac PeachHeadSSBM.png
5th USA Carter ?
7th USA Trail IceClimbersHeadSSBM.png
7th USA PikaChad PikachuHeadSSBM.png
9th USA Anther PikachuHeadSSBM.png
9th USA Dope FalcoHeadSSBM.png

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