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This article is about the Melee crew. For the tournament, see Royal Flush (tournament).

Royal Flush (abbreviated as RaF) is a competitive Melee crew from Freiburg, Germany, and is currently considered as one of the top 2 Melee crews in Germany.



Royal Flush was founded in October 2007, exactly one year after the foundation of New Age of Smash. The founders decided to drop the old crew in order to start a new one with only the four NAS members living in Freiburg.

After the first Monthly Smash in Freiburg MUGG left the crew and Makkura joined. Matux joined after the 2nd Monthly. In April 08, right before the Super Lion Tournament 2 in Lyon (France), AE. joined the Crew. After the first Freiburg Monthly, they decided to put lexxil and Matux on the "substitutes' bench", because both of them are mostly inactive and pheX and P!z@ joined the crew. AE., P!z@, and lexxil had to leave in 09 due to inactivity and other disputes. Panda joined in the middle of 2009 and Usleon in late 2009.

From 2009 Royal Flush was heavily cooperateing with the crew Gear (using the alias of GeaRaF), they mostly teamed up for crew battles. The cooperation ended with the dissolution of Gear in 2011.

The crew formerly based in Freiburg is now spread throughout Germany and Europe. Stivo joined after Osmash 2 making the biggest part of the crew located in the north of Germany. Both Makkura and Panda left in 2013 due to inactivity.

Former Austrian Smasher Pasi, who is currently living in Hamburg, usually joins RaF for crew matches despite not being an official member of the crew.

The Royal Family and #trueraf[edit]

Even though the core of RaF is considered to be above mentioned members (also using the hashtag of #trueraf) there are more people RaF shares a very friendly relationship with called "The Royal Family".

Reaching the climax[edit]

Germany's Star Fighters have been the top crew in Germany for a long time and they never missed the chance to make this very clear. The discussion on the boards got heated up when it was clear that Royal Flush was aiming for the number one spot. The first time the crews faced off against each other was at Osmash#3 in 2013 where the GSF managed to defeat Royal Flush without even needing their top player Ice. Motivated by the loss and tired of the talk on the boards RaF and friends decided to step up their game during intense week of training in a summer house in Denmark. With Osmash#4 coming up they decided to finally take down the GSF together. RaF and GSF met in Grand Finals of the 5 vs 5 crew tournament at Osmash#4. RaF (being assisted by top german Ice Climber player Däumling and recurring addition Pasi) managed to beat the GSF with 6 stocks left and without needing their last player pheX.

Former members[edit]


RaF was host of the first german bi-weeklie series, called the South-german Bi-weeklies with attendants from Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. They also hosted two series of monthly tournaments called Royal Flush Monthly Smash and Freiburg Monthlies.

The first Tournaments hosted by the Royal Flush Players (at that time known as New Age of Smash) are known as Smash Fest Freiburg 1-3 and the Dirty South Tournament (SFF4).
They also hosted the biggest german tournament until 2008, called Smash Royale in July of 2008 with 80 entrants from all over europe.

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