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Makkura "1wingedangel" "Yata"
Melee mains Fox, Samus
Other Melee
Captain Falcon, Marth
Crew(s) Royal Flush
Skill Super Smash Bros. Melee Pro-Am
Additional info
Real name Alex
Birth date (age 28)
Location Waldkirch (near Freiburg) Germany

Makkura, also known as 1wingedangel or Yata is a smasher from Waldkirch (near Freiburg), Germany. He and some friends always played FFA Matches on Hyrule but on a very high level with advanced techs, before discovering that there is a real smash scene in Freiburg. Through LowLines they got in contact with lexxil, Yomi and Tero. He joined the crew Royal Flush at the 1st Royal Flush Monthly Smash.


  • He is known for being a very technical player, being capable of executing techniques such as Missile stalls and SWD with Samus consistently.
  • He is currently ranked third in the BaWü Power Rankings.