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Team:Power Underwhelming

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Power Underwhelming is a Smash crew located mostly on the East Coast and Mideast. At their height they were one of the top 3 crews in the DC area (the other two being Team Ben and H2YL). ChuDat was in the crew from September 2004-July 2005 (he announced his return to H2YL after the end of GS2). July 2005 marked the end essentially of PU competitively for another year. In the summer of 2006 AlphaZealot returned to playing competitive Smash and Chu Dat rejoined the crew in the winter.

Power Underwhelming also ran the tournament series known as BOMB. It had four incarnations. BOMB 1 and 2 each had less than 40 people. BOMB 3 had over 70 people (large size for a spring 2005 tournament) and BOMB 4 (November 2005) had over 100 people.


The members of Team Underwhelming are: