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Nova is a crew in the Sacramento community that was created in January 2007. The crew's founding members were Delphiki, DRGN, Tomi-X, and Tyderium. They later added The Marth Madness. Tyderium lTER quit the crew, and was replaced by Catnip in March 2007, followed by his brother DP of Oakland in late 2007.

In an interesting twist of fate, Delphiki and DRGN of Ouroboros were once the rival crew of Tyderium and Tomi's Level 10; however, these crews disbanded during the final months of 2006. Delphiki and DRGN were then admitted to the original Sacramento crew TeamScape, but departed in order to form Nova a short time later.


Nova Complex, as a whole, is responsible for most of the Smashing done in the Sacramento Community. Delphiki is the host and organizer of most tournaments in the area (including the Sacramento Biweeklies and the Delphiki Games). Tyderium is the host/organizer of his own weekly smashfests, and Catnip has hosted a number of Smash 'til Dawns.

In addition to being responsible for most of the Smash events in Sacramento, all crew members are strong contenders in most tournaments they enter, usualy being defeated by nothing less than members of the NorCal Power Rankings.