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The infinite described here isnt the only infinite in the game. Should the title of this page be changed? --Simna ibn Sind 06:11, December 29, 2006 (GMT)

If the title is changed, I think it would be best to change the format too, maybe make a section for each combo, instead of listing a few down under the title of "Other Infinites"--Respawn 06:17, December 29, 2006 (GMT)

um, can someone explain in full detail the second 'infinite' described? involving... a ledge?

That's an ILS (Infinite Ledge Stall), actually, not an Infinite Combo. NeonCrusader 23:22, November 20, 2007 (EST)


I added a bit of info regarding Fox's ability to IJC Infinite via SDI during the pre-jump animation... Could someone with an AR (or really, really fast fingers) verify that? NeonCrusader 23:22, November 20, 2007 (EST)

It's not SDI since you're not getting hit, but yes, you can move forward while multishining. Look at this video:

Also, there's another waveshine infinite article titled "Waveshine Infininite" instead of "Waveshine infinite." Merge, maybe?


Support per the template. Nyargleblargle (Talk) 17:16, 21 July 2015 (EDT)

Support. Ganonmew, The Festive Evil Clone 08:05, 6 December 2015 (EST)
Support Nintendofan1653 (talk) 08:28, 6 December 2015 (EST)
Support Disaster Flare Disaster Flare signature image.png (talk) 18:59, 8 December 2015 (EST)
Strong support. It's just an extension of the Waveshine. Not too notable on its own, but definitely notable enough to be a section on the page. INoMedssig.png INoMed (Talk • Contribs) 09:05, 9 December 2015 (EST)
SupportSee above. DekZek, The Festive Fighter Dekzeksig-Dec.png 10:40, 9 December 2015 (EST)
Support 034.png DracoRex the Dino King (RAWR!) 12:03, 9 December 2015 (EST)

...Holy crap, the unanimity. Anyway, support. Drill Blaster Mark 2 (talk) 14:25, 9 December 2015 (EST)

Support. PikachuMS.png Pika, Chilly! 12:23, 10 December 2015 (EST)

If this is unanimous that everybody supports the merge, how are we going to fit all this (quite honestly huge amount of technical) information into the waveshine page? Dots (talk) Mega Man X SNES sprite.png The Penguin 10:32, 12 December 2015 (EST)

I'll find a way. Serpent SKSig.png King 13:27, 22 December 2015 (EST)