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Special Pictures[edit]

I think we should use more pictures of Special Moves from They are pure and good screenshots, but i dont know how to upload images. Someone else mus take up the fight. Any volunteers? --Oxico 14:17, December 12, 2007 (EST)

I neither know how to upload images. So I also need help. Smash-jay (talk) 02:58, 30 January 2009 (UTC)


I have marked this page for deletion because we already have the Category:Special Attacks. I have already done all necessary merging, so please feel free to delete this page. -- Bean 22:18, January 27, 2007 (GMT)

  • Against, So? Categories and articles are NOT the same. If someone wants an article on something, it's better to have a regular article because categories are excluded from search. Also, that's not the purpose of category pages, but it is the namespaceless' purpose. Smiddle ( TalkConts ) 14:42, February 2, 2007 (GMT)
  • Against, for the same reasons. Remember that articles, lists and categories all serve different purposes. "Special attack" is a category but it is also a term that people use. MaskedMarth (t c) 14:44, February 2, 2007 (GMT)

OK. Two against one. I'll remove the deletion mark.

New Controls[edit]

It isn't JUST B, you know. Super Smash Bros. Brawl has several different controls, so, should we change the B on all the SSBB attack articles to Special Move? - Pokemon DP

Really. Bot, anyone? Smiddle ( TalkConts ) 09:21, November 27, 2007 (EST)

C-Stick Control[edit]

Aren't special moves usable (by default) by timing the direction you move the C-Stick (which isn't all that difficult) and pressing the B button?

Yin10Dou (talk) 21:09, 26 September 2015 (EDT)Yin10Dou