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No, It's not vandilism[edit]

Believe it or not, Meowth's Trophy discription is not a heap of vandilism. That's the ingame discription. I know It's weird, but check the game yourself! It's the actual thing! —Preceding unsigned comment added by TheSMASHTyke (talkcontribs)

yup, it references to this. [1] i mean, he's even holding a guitar! FyreNWater - (TalkContributions ) 05:11, February 25, 2008 (EST)

Pokemon Universe[edit]

For SSBB shouldn't Kato be listed because of the origianl Melee stage? BaconBoy914 16:41, 22 March 2008 (UTC)

Shame on you smash brothers[edit]

The fact that jigglypuff a character who was never worthy of a spot on smash brothers to begin with has been in all three smash games and meowth who is far more famous and worthy of a spot has never been a playable character is truly disgusting,has no one ever complained about this to nintendo,seriously how the hell did jigglypuff take priority over meowth in the first game,if characters were left out due to time constraints in the first smash brothers why did jigglypuff make it in,cuz she sure as hell wasnt more deserving of a spot than the others that were mentioned to have been left out due to time constraints ~gig~

Sign your comments with four tildes ~~~~ and this is not appropriate content for a talk page. They're supposed to be used to discuss matters pertaining to the content of the article, not to complain about a developer's decision. Omega TyrantTyranitarMS.png 03:50, 9 October 2010 (EDT)