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I am personally neutral on this page being merged or deleted, but as it was created on the grounds that it is a Final Smash character, then various other pages, such as the ones for the Phantom Thieves, should also be deleted. Rdrfc (talk) 03:29, December 4, 2019 (EST)

Since this character is an exclusively Final Smash/Spirit character, there doesn't seem to be much precedent for a character like this. However the proposal is to Merge the page with the final smash page as opposed to Delete the page and its contents. Given that this is a stub, it doesn't seem to be of much use to keep this page separate. Chadsworth B. (talk) 02:31, January 12, 2020 (EST)

Neutral Because this page is a stub, Gomorrah is basically just a part of Bayonetta's final smash. However, they could be fleshed out a bit but I am more leaning to merging this page into the Infernal climax as a result. S3AHAWKS3AHAWK Signature icon 1.pngS3AHAWK signature icon 2.png (Talk) 19:44, April 26, 2020 (EDT)

Honestly, I don’t care if this page is merged with Infernal Climax, so I too am neutral. SonDanielSonDanielSignatureHead1.pngSonDanielSignatureHead2.png (talk page) 17:06, April 28, 2020 (EDT)

I don't really see the purpose of keeping these two pages separate, seeing as this page is a stub and all. User:JeffStonk 21:16, May 9, 2020

I support merging this page with Infernal Climax. The contents of this page could easily be merged, and seeing as how Gomorrah's only role of significance in Smash is Infernal Climax itself, it doesn't really seem to merit having its own page over having a very fleshed out Origin section on Infernal Climax's page. Acgamer28 14:14, May 10, 2020 (EDT)