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I'm going to improve this article. Thanks. (Wolf O'Donnell 06:35, 18 May 2008 (UTC))


The first game had an option to erase "prize". What does that refer to?

Bowser vs Bowser Jr. (talk)

Incorrect Trivia[edit]

I saw in one video that on the first time for erasing all data in Brawl, the Challenger Approaching music plays, for the second time, it's higher pitched and faster, for the third time, a alert sound effect plays (It's a common sound effect used in other media, but for example, one of the SSBM Adventure Mode cutscenes). I saw on another video which had it happening on the 3DS version, but instead the first time there's no music and the 2nd and 3rd times are the 1st and 2nd times (respectively) for Brawl's audio. So the Trivia shown is incorrect.