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I feel like this being a redirect to absorption is misleading because there's an attack type of energy, which mechanically has nothing to do with absorption. Toomai Glittershine ??? The Wacko 10:02, 10 May 2016 (EDT)

Yep. I believe we should redirect this page to energy, unless there's something I'm missing to make it a disambig? Nyargleblargle.pngNyargleblargle (Contribs) 11:53, 10 May 2016 (EDT)
Support. If someone types in the Search "Energy-based attack", they're most likely looking for energy, as absorbing is only indirectly related to energy. PenroImage.pngPenro 22:23, 10 May 2016 (EDT)
While this is very old, I think I've addressed the problem so no further action is needed. RobSir RobSir-sig.jpg zx 05:24, 28 June 2017 (EDT)