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Dracula & Kid Dracula[edit]

I didn't put this in the article since it could be seen as speculative, but I'm pretty sure that Dracula and Kid Dracula appear on this stage only as silhouettes, with the joke/tease from the Direct being that sometimes you get Kid Dracula's outline instead of the menacing shadow of Dracula. SuperFalconBros (talk) 12:11, 10 August 2018 (EDT)

Background characters?[edit]

Why do the background characters have pages when we know they do nothing, but Pauline, who is no less important than K.K. Slider was when he first got his page, doesn't have a page yet? TheNuttyOne 22:42, 13 December 2018 (EST)

Dracula = Shadow?[edit]

I just learned from lore that Dracula, being a vampire and thus have no soul, shouldn't even cast a shadow. It might be why Alucard can't be summoned in Wii Fit Studio due to it having a mirror, and vampires can't cast reflections. 04:14, 24 January 2019 (EST)