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Is it really minor representation?[edit]

I noticed that this article has been suggested to be merged with the list of minor-representation companies. It's true that they don't have a large amount of representation specific to their properties, but I mean... Lucas is a fighter from a game that 1-Up Studio developed, and by that same logic the company has stage representation through New Pork City. Plus, they've also helped develop the Super Mario 3D Land series, which has 3D Land as a representative stage. The rest of the representation they've gathered by Ultimate includes items, plenty of tracks, and an abundance of spirits (many of which were formerly trophies included as early as Brawl.) 1-Up Studio might not be a huge company, but I think with all their Smash representation considered they're at least a peg above most "minor-representation" companies like WayForward, Koei Tecmo and even AlphaDream. Is a merge really necessary? Acgamer28 (talk) 20:38, January 20, 2020 (EST)

The reason why is it's tagged as "merged" is for similar, but different reasons for why companies like Retro Studios and Next Level Games are tagged for deletion: They don't have IP ownership.
Neither Next Level nor Retro have created any IPs that Nintendo or any company represented in Smash owns; they only created characters or character designs for already existing properties that they did not create; and since we don't have companies like those on the "List of companies with minor representation" page, we're currently not considering adding them to the page.
1-Up Studios, on the other hand, while more well-known for co-developing Mother 3 and (partially) the Mario 3D games and Tri Force Heroes, has also created the Magical Starsign series, which is represented in Brawl and Ultimate, so it would have a nice spot on the "List of companies with minor representation" page. It's really hard to know if they were the main developers of Mother 3 or not, especially since HAL Laboratory (The company responsible for co-developing Mother 2/EarthBound) also co-developed it, but it's VERY clear that their contributions to the Mario and Zelda are rather small in comparison. SuperSmashTurtles (talk) 20:57, January 20, 2020 (EST)
Alright, I think I see your point. Then would the course of action be to maintain a comprehensive summary of 1-Up Studios on the minor representation list, on the level of its current solo article? From my first glance at the list, a lot of the companies on that list ONLY had the minor representation going for them - would 1-Up Studios properly fit there while retaining coverage of the big things: its stages, Lucas' state as a fighter, etc....? Acgamer28 (talk) 22:19, January 20, 2020 (EST)