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Steve (SSBU)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack
Forward tilt (punch)
Neutral attack
Forward tilt (Wood/Stone/Iron/Diamond)
Neutral attack
Forward tilt (Gold)
Up tilt (punch) Axe SteveUTiltPunch.gif
Up tilt (Wood/Stone/Iron/Diamond) Axe SteveUTiltWoodStoneIronDiamond.gif
Up tilt (Gold) Axe SteveUTiltGold.gif
Down tilt Flint and Steel SteveDTilt.gif
Dash attack (punch) Hitbox visualization for Steve's dash attack
Dash attack (Wood/Stone/Iron/Diamond) Hitbox visualization for Steve's dash attack
Dash attack (Gold) Hitbox visualization for Steve's dash attack
Forward smash (punch) SteveFSmashPunch.gif
Forward smash (Wood/Stone/Iron/Diamond) SteveFSmashWoodStoneIronDiamond.gif
Forward smash (Gold) SteveFSmashGold.gif
Up smash Magma Block SteveUSmash.gif
Down smash Lava Bucket SteveDSmash.gif
Neutral aerial (punch) SteveNAirPunch.gif
Neutral aerial (Wood/Stone/Iron/Diamond) SteveNAirWoodStoneIronDiamond.gif
Neutral aerial (Gold) SteveNAirGold.gif
Forward aerial (punch) SteveFAirPunch.gif
Forward aerial (Wood/Stone/Iron/Diamond) SteveFAirPickaxeWoodStoneIronDiamond.gif
Forward aerial (Gold) SteveFAirPickaxeGold.gif
Forward aerial (punch buffered) SteveFAirSwordPunch.gif
Forward aerial (Wood/Stone/Iron/Diamond Pickaxe buffered) SteveFAirSwordWoodStoneIronDiamond.gif
Forward aerial (Gold buffered) SteveFAirSwordGold.gif
Back aerial (punch) SteveBAirPunch.gif
Back aerial (Wood/Stone/Iron/Diamond) SteveBAirPickaxeWoodStoneIronDiamond.gif
Back aerial (Gold) SteveBAirPickaxeGold.gif
Back aerial (punch buffered) SteveBAirSwordPunch.gif
Back aerial (Wood/Stone/Iron/Diamond buffered) SteveBAirSwordWoodStoneIronDiamond.gif
Back aerial (Gold buffered) SteveBAirSwordGold.gif
Up aerial (punch) Axe SteveUAirPunch.gif
Up aerial (Wood/Stone/Iron/Diamond) Axe SteveUAirWoodStoneIronDiamond.gif
Up aerial (Gold) Axe SteveUAirGold.gif
Down aerial Anvil SteveDAir.png
Down aerial (dropped) Anvil SteveDAirAnvil.png
Side special (ride) Minecart SteveSSpecialRide.png
Side special (free) Minecart SteveSSpecialFree.gif
Up special Elytra SteveUSpecial.gif
Down special TNT SteveDSpecial.gif
Down special (Pressure Plate) TNT SteveDSpecialPressurePlate.gif
Standing grab Fishing Rod SteveGrab.gif
Dash grab Fishing Rod SteveDashGrab.gif
Pivot grab Fishing Rod StevePivotGrab.gif
Pummel StevePummel.gif
Forward throw SteveFThrow.gif
Back throw SteveBThrow.gif
Up throw SteveUThrow.gif
Down throw SteveDThrow.gif
Down throw (anvil) SteveDThrowAnvilOnly.gif
Getup attack front SteveGetupAttackFront.gif
Getup attack back SteveGetupAttackBack.gif
Getup attack trip SteveTripAttack.gif
Ledge attack SteveEdgeAttack.gif