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I would support the deletion if there aren't any missing results because of his mediocre placings. However, it is clear that this player can very well have missing/lost results since he has one in 2009 and one in 2012 being found. So this one might require more deep digging on the internet. Grand Dad.png Naughty🐽GRAND DAD 自閉肥宅 NiceGrand.jpeg 08:38, June 16, 2020 (EDT)

Oppose - if he wasn’t notable, why would he be listed in the notable Kirby players list in the first place? Also, some Melee players on this wiki just don’t have results, and they haven’t made contributions towards the game/organized tournaments/created content in any place. MemeDedede (talk) 11:22, June 16, 2020 (EDT)

Bump. Grand Dad.png NPM🐷 Morr!? NaughtyPigBoi.jpg 23:54, June 30, 2020 (EDT)
Support: Not finding any indication that this player was very notable at all beyond these placements. The point about them being listed on the Kirby page shouldn't really be taken into consideration given that the wiki is editable by anyone. Seeing as how Kirby has a non-existent playerbase, it wouldn't be too hard to assume that someone saw KirbyRage play at some tournament and assumed they were one of the only good Kirby players. Señor Mexicano (talk) 00:51, July 15, 2020 (EDT)
Supporting unless new results are found that are remotely better than what's here. --PlagueSigImage.pngPlague von KarmaPlagueSigImage.png 11:06, July 22, 2020 (EDT)