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Personal and other info
Birth date (age 35)
Location Peterborough, Ontario Canada

Toomai is a Canadian player from Peterborough, Ontario. He is known for his contributions to the technical side of the scene, primarily in the first three games of the series. His work with decoding Brawl hitbox properties laid the groundwork for investigating moveset data for all games in the series, establishing terms and conventions that remain active for recent games. Among his other contributions include hurtboxes, terrain information, and enemy attacks. He also wrote the first version of the BrawlBox hitbox viewer, which was recognized by the Project M development team as being a major asset to the project. Toomai is additionally known for being one of SmashWiki's longest tenured admins and arguably its most prolific contributor, having made a tremendous amount of invaluable contributions to the front and back ends of the wiki, with his activity on the wiki spanning across all but the first few months of the wiki's life.

Despite his copious technical knowledge, Toomai has no desire to be a participant in the competitive scene, and is only mainly known for his discoveries. He is otherwise not very well known other than on SmashBoards and SmashWiki.

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