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Character info
Melee mains Fox, Ice Climbers
Personal and other info
Real name Chris McClure
Location Huntsville, Alabama United states

Thief is a smasher from Hunstville, Alabama who is currently located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He mains Fox. Due to his lack of attendance in many recent tournaments, he has slipped in the Mid-South Power Rankings, but he still is ranked an impressive 11th. His most recent accolades include taking 3rd place in teams at Smash Aid X, with his partner Moogle.

He is also known for somewhat jump starting the still-struggling Smash tournament scene in Tuscaloosa Alabama, with his tournament series, known only as "Thief's Tournaments". Notably, in his tournaments, he prefers to use a Swiss style of tournament in the preliminary rounds, rather than the more popular pools method used in most tournaments.