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Mid-South Power Rankings

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The Mid-South Power Rankings are the list of the smashers considered to be the best players from Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The list is voted upon by a panel consisting of one or two representatives of each state. As the Smash community has expanded in the area, the Mid-South Power Rankings were superseded by separate power rankings for the individual states.





June 30, 2008[1][edit]

Ranking Smasher Previous rank Movement Character
1 TheReflexWonder
2 NES n00b
3 Iori
4 Roxas
5 PikaChad
6 Vexen
7 CaptainN
8 Handorin
9 KOKingpin
10 Kyle
11 Rob
12 Vandy
13 xigbar
14 George
15 Moogle

The list also includes "potentials," a group of people who are close to making the list, but did not receive enough votes to make the actual list:


June 20, 2007[2][edit]

Ranking Smasher Previous rank Movement Character
1 PikaChad
2 Iori
3 Moogle
4 Lance87
5 ihavespaceball
6 Fizz
7 Kyo
8 TheReflexWonder
9 Chamberlin
11 Thief
12 Myztek
13 TheSaberGuy
14 KOKingpin
15 PrinceZane
16 SmashterLink
17 Mslano
18 Keta
19 Sensai
20 Zero