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Sung "Sung666" "SUNG475"
Character info
Melee main Marth
Other Melee characters Sheik, Captain Falcon, Falco, Samus
Team info
Crew(s) Team OXY
Personal and other info
Real name Sung Hyun Lee
Location Los Angeles, California USA

Sung, also known as Sung666 or SUNG475, is a Melee Marth main from Coppell, Texas who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He was formerly ranked 79th on the 2015 SSBMRank and 21st on the SoCal Melee Power Rankings. He has wins over SFAT, Lucky, S2J, MacD, Duck, Shroomed, MikeHaze, and Eddy Mexico.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
GENESIS 2 July 15th-17th, 2011 65th 33rd HugS
Apex 2012 January 6th-8th, 2012 65th
Winter Game Fest VII January 15th, 2012 9th 5th Westballz
Northwest Manifest March 24th-25th, 2012 17th 17th J666
The Big House 2 October 6th-7th, 2012 25th 33rd TheCrimsonBlur
Kings of Cali November 10th, 2012 49th 9th Matt
Apex 2013 January 11th-13th, 2013 65th 33rd Matt
Kings of Cali 2 April 13th-14th, 2013 9th 9th Matt
NorCal Regionals 2013 April 26th-28th, 2013 7th
Vindication May 11th, 2013 7th 4th Matt
EVO 2013 July 12th-14th, 2013 49th
LanHammer 2013 August 17th-18th, 2013 9th
Super Smash Sundays 2 August 25th, 2013 9th
Super Smash Sundays 3 September 8th, 2013 13th 5th Westballz
Kings of Cali 3 December 14th-15th, 2013 9th 13th DendyPretendy
Forte December 21st-22nd, 2013 3rd 2nd Baka4moe
Super Smash Sundays 11 January 12th, 2014 1st 7th Wieners
Super Smash Sundays 12 January 26th, 2014 4th 9th DendyPretendy
Super Smash Sundays 14 February 23rd, 2014 9th 4th DendyPretendy
SoCal Regionals 2014 February 28th-March 2nd, 2014 17th 9th DendyPretendy
Super Smash Sundays 20 May 18th, 2014 13th
SSS Lock-In June 14th-15th, 2014 17th
MLG Anaheim 2014 June 20th-22nd, 2014 61st
The Big House 4 October 4th-5th, 2014 65th
Do You Fox Wit It? November 15th-16th, 2014 25th 17th DendyPretendy
Super Smash Sundays 29 December 7th, 2014 13th
Super Smash Sundays 30 December 21st, 2014 4th 7th SacaSuMoto
Apex 2015 January 30th-February 1st, 2015 49th 25th Mike Haze
I'm Not Yelling! April 11th-12th, 2015 49th 7th Westballz
Mayhem June 2015 June 6th, 2015 9th
Mayhem July 2015 July 11th, 2015 17th 5th Jace
GENESIS 3 Janaury 15th-17th, 2016 65th
Super Smash Sundays 43 April 17th, 2016 17th
DreamHack Dallas 2019 May 31st-June 2nd, 2019 13th

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