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Prince Ramen
Character info
Brawl main Pit
Smash 4 main Palutena
Ultimate main Palutena
Personal and other info
Real name Jose Tijerina
Location Orlando, Florida USA

Prince Ramen is a Palutena main from McAllen, Texas currently residing in Orlando, Florida, and is widely known as one of the two best Super Smash Bros. 4 Palutena players in the world (along with TLTC). A well known player within Florida since the game's release, he gained notoriety for his performance at CEO 2016 where he defeated ZeRo 2-0 in pools and placing 33rd overall, becoming the ninth person to have taken a set off of ZeRo in Smash 4, and the first Palutena main to place this high in a non-custom major tournament.

Prince Ramen was formerly ranked 2nd on the Central Florida Smash 4 Power Rankings. He is currently unranked due to inactivity.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
Tampa Never Sleeps 6 February 27th-28th, 2016 7th
GoTE 4TheKids May 14th, 2016 1st
CEO 2016 Prologue May 21st-22nd, 2016 7th
CEO 2016 June 24th-26th, 2016 33rd
Vitality July 30th, 2016 13th 5th Leo Heart
Unrivaled II: Doubles Edition September 17th, 2016 4th 5th Saj
Smash Conference LXVII September 23rd, 2016 7th
Smash Conference LXVIII October 14th, 2016 13th
Come To Papa 2 October 22nd-23rd, 2016 7th 2nd Mew2King
Smash the Record 2016 November 11th-13th, 2016 9th
2GGT: ZeRo Saga December 16th-18th, 2016 129th 33rd dyr

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
CFL Smackdown Ultimate 3 January 1st, 2019 2nd
Smash Conference United January 5th-6th, 2019 17th
CFL Smackdown Ultimate 4 January 8th, 2019 2nd
CFL Smackdown Ultimate 5 January 15th, 2019 4th
CFL Smackdown Ultimate 6 January 22nd, 2019 5th
CFL Smackdown Ultimate #10 February 21st, 2019 1st
CFL Smackdown Ultimate #13 March 14th, 2019 2nd
Overlords of Orlando: Ultimate Edition April 13th, 2019 9th
Come to Papa 3 April 27th-28th, 2019 65th
CFL Smackdown Ultimate #20 The Arcadian April 30th, 2019 1st
Mellow Smash Ultimate #11 May 13th, 2019 2nd
CFL Smackdown Ultimate #22 May 14th, 2019 4th 1st Epic_Gabriel
CFL Smackdown Ultimate #25 June 4th, 2019 4th 1st Kobe
CFL Smackdown Ultimate #27 June 18th, 2019 17th 1st Epic_Gabriel


  • Prince Ramen is one of only four smashers to have a positive record against ZeRo in Smash 4, the others being Brood, Luhtie (all 1-0), and Kirihara (2-1).

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