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Character info
Ultimate main King Dedede
Personal and other info
Real name David Daisley
Location London England

NutRoast is one of the most notable commentators from the United Kingdom, best-known for his high energy play-by-play style and frequent jokes and excitement throughout sets. He became known after the lockdown period, emerging as a top level commentator in the London area and has since casted at an international level. NutRoast plays King Dedede when infrequently entering brackets.

He regularly commentates DAT Monday Meltdown events on VGBootCamp weekly, also commentating major events such as Regen 2022, DAT BlastZone 32 and BOSS BATTLES: For Glory within England, and COLOSSEL 2022 internationally.

Outside of commentary, NutRoast is also an event photographer and content creator, filming collaborative videos at English Smash events such as the Button Check series and other one-off camera productions with British players.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Manchester Conquest 7: ESS BEE January 22nd, 2022 97th
DAT Monday Meltdown 227 June 20th, 2022 25th


  • NutRoast shot to fame in the UK scene after commentating a set between DarkStalker and Glutonny at a DAT Monday Meltdown, celebrating DarkStalker's win with an infamously patriotic chant[1].
    • He would gain further notoriety in the following weeks, after live-commentating his own King Dedede ditto, a set he was also able to win whilst providing unbiased play-by-play commentary.


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