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Melee mains Falco, Fox
Other Melee
Marth, Dr. Mario
Additional info
Location MN United States

MasterOfMyDomain is a smasher from Minnesota. He began smashing competitively in May of 2005 when his friend Derek (CrimsonSkunk) introduced him to the fine institution of Smashboards and they attended their first tournament together.

Prior to his revelation of "the boards", MasterOfMyDomain focused on Dr. Mario and Falco, however as his smash career flourished, he acknowledged the tier lists and picked up Fox and Marth as well. He later took a greater interest in Falco when he attended his first fest at SuperDoodleMan's house and lost to Teflon_Climbers' Falco. Teflon became a pseudo-mentor of MasterOfMyDomain's, until Teflon retired in the 4th quarter of '06.

MasterOfMyDomain attended many of Bluewolf's St. Paul Biweeklies held at the University of St. Thomas during the 2006-2007 school year and has participated in moderately known tournaments such as Handsome Jett 4, OMGiggles 1 and 2, Fuhgeddaboutit 2 and the Beezo series. His fiendish mind games and considerable technical skill with space animals have helped him defeat many foes such as Aarosmashguy and Chexr, and establish a name for himself as one of the best smashers in the area.

He is also a panelist for the Minnesota Power Rankings, but he is no longer ranked.

Tournament placings[edit]