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Manny smashwiki.jpg
Ultimate main Wii Fit Trainer
Other Ultimate
Skill Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Professional
Additional info
Location England England
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Manny, is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Wii Fit Trainer player from England. He is widely considered as one of the best Wii Fit Trainer players in the United Kingdom alongside B~Little. Manny has offline wins on players such as RyuKai, DarkStalker, Zone, Bulby, Arch Nemesis, Teca, Skaws, and RobbieAK47. He is currently ranked 10th on the London Power Rankings

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Lush: Skirmish March 12th, 2022 5th
Lush: Skirmish 2 May 21st, 2022 3rd
DAT BlastZone 32 June 25th, 2022 9th
Brentwood Brawl August 27th, 2022 7th
Tea Party 2: Mayoral Madness September 10th, 2022 17th

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