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z00ted "Illmatic"
Character info
Brawl main Peach
Other Brawl character Mario
Personal and other info
Location Houston, Texas United States

z00ted, formerly known as Illmatic, is a Peach main from Texas, commonly referred to as among the best Brawl Peach mains in the world. He is currently ranked 12th on the Texas Brawl Power Rankings (9th if not counting "retired" players) and was formerly ranked 73rd on the 2014 SSBBRank.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
Smoom Boom's Room of Doom 1 ca. September 25th, 2010 1st 1st Xyro
HOBO 29 MT December 17th, 2010 1st
WHOBO 3 March 18th-20th, 2011 13th 7th Vinnie
WHOBO 3 LT March 18th-20th, 2011 9th 13th Vinnie
LSC Championships November 12th, 2011 13th 9th Dabuz
Apex 2012 January 6th-8th, 2012 33rd
HOBO 36 March 17th, 2012 9th 2nd Sync
Ascension June 30, 2012 9th 5th Sync
WHOBO 4 August 4th-5th, 2012 13th 17th Falln
Ascension 2 October 13th, 2012 13th 5th Smoom
HOBO 39 March 3rd, 2013 7th 13th Jerm
WHOBO 5 October 19th-20th, 2013 7th 5th Sync
WHOBO 5 M+LT/LT October 19th-20th, 2013 7th 7th ALSM
WHOBO MLG May 3rd-4th, 2014 9th

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
Smash Fight Club 23 November 23rd, 2015 9th
TGC 5 December 5th, 2015 ? 17th Tesh

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