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Ultimate main Banjo & Kazooie
Other Ultimate
Snake, Ike, Inkling, Lucina, Mario, Fox
SSB4 main Mario
Other SSB4
Diddy Kong, Sheik
Sponsor(s) Free agent
Former sponsor(s) Noble eSports, Mazer Gaming
Crew(s) Leap of Faith
Skill Super Smash Bros. 4 Professional
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Semi-professional
Additional info
Real name Johnathon Reyes
Birth date (age 27)
Location Cleveland, Ohio USA

Hackoru is a smasher from Newark, New Jersey who is currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio. He mains Banjo & Kazooie with a secondary Snake in Ultimate but now spends his time on content creation as well as coaching top players NAKAT and Cosmos. Hackoru solo mained Mario in Smash 4 but has also received competent results with his Diddy Kong in tournament. He is a member of the crew Leap of Faith, which included players such as Keitaro. In Smash 4, he has defeated John Numbers, Chibo, TLTC, Smerky, Vincessant, Astro_, and Iceninja. In Ultimate, he holds victories over UtopianRay, Killy, Thrillhouse, and Bussy.

Hackoru streams Ultimate on Twitch HackoruTV and is a partnered Twitch streamer, along with also uploading videos regularly on his YouTube channel.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
RingSide Rumble October 11th, 2014 5th 1st NAKAT

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
KTAR XII March 21st, 2015 13th
The Break Weekly #309 May 19th, 2015 9th
Get On My Level 2015 May 31st, 2015 9th
The Break Weekly #312 June 9th, 2015 7th
Smash ONLY Bar Battles 1 June 20th, 2015 4th 2nd False
KTAR XIII July 11th, 2015 17th
The Break Weekly #318 July 21st, 2015 4th
SKTAR 4 August 23rd, 2015 25th
The Break Weekly #324 September 1st, 2015 4th
Shiver Me Smashers #10 October 3rd, 2015 3rd
Smash 4-Ever #27 October 14th, 2015 5th
Smash @ Xanadu Tuesdays 11/24 November 24th, 2015 7th
Collision XIII April 16th, 2016 5th Blue
KTAR XVIII June 11th, 2016 7th Gunblade
CEO 2016 June 24th-26th, 2016 49th
EVO 2016 July 15th, 2016 193rd
Super Smash Con 2016 August 11th-14th, 2016 193rd 9th Tweek
KTAR XIX November 19th, 2016 49th 9th 6WX
GENESIS 4 January 20th-22nd, 2017 129th 33rd Koolaid
2GGC: Civil War March 24th-26th, 2017 97th
KTAR XX April 1st-2nd, 2017 13th 6WX
Insurrection XIX May 23rd, 2017 1st Max Ketchum
Midwest Mayhem 9: Old vs New July 1st, 2017 17th
NLG Presents - Ascension 2 July 8th, 2017 13th 2nd 6WX
EVO 2017 July 14th-16th, 2017 65th
Kingslayer 4 August 5th, 2017 17th 4th Cosmos
Super Smash Con 2017 August 10th-13th, 2017 257th 13th tyroy
Midwest Mayhem 10 November 25th, 2017 33rd 5th tyroy
Smash Sounds July 7th-8th, 2018 25th 9th Uno

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
LOFT Smash Weekly 1 December 12th, 2018 3rd
LOFT Smash Weekly 2 December 19th, 2018 5th
Climax 3 January 12th, 2019 9th 4th Keitaro
Frostbite 2019 February 22nd-24th, 2019 129th 17th Blacktwins13
Collision 2019 March 16th-17th, 2019 33rd 4th Odyssey
Expand Gong 4 April 5th-7th, 2019 9th 2nd Cosmos
Umebura SP 3 April 13th, 2019 65th
EVO 2019 August 2nd-4th, 2019 129th
Super Smash Con 2019 August 8th-11th, 2019 257th 65th cookieslayer
Ultimate Naifu Wars 9 April 17th, 2020 97th
The Quarantine Series: Minor Tournament 1 April 18th-19th, 2020 97th
The Box May 8th-10th, 2020 65th
Ultimate Naifu Wars 11 May 15th, 2020 33rd

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