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Character info
Smash 4 main Kirby
Other Smash 4 character Ganondorf
Ultimate main Cloud
Other Ultimate character Kirby
Personal and other info
Location Florida USA

Evilgoku is a Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Kirby player from Florida. Evilgoku has defeated players such as Marss, Charliedaking, Dath, Goblin, Saiki, Kurama, and Cagt. He is well known for repeated use of the Kirbycide technique, which has sprung notorious sets and memes involving such instances.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
EagleLAN April 23rd, 2016 17th 13th Evil King
CEO 2016 June 24th-26th, 2016 129th
Road to ShineOnline August 6th-10th, 2016 193rd
2GGC: Civil War March 24th-27th, 2017 193rd 65th Zxl
EagleLAN 2017 April 29th, 2017 13th
Naifu Wars: World War 2Online June 23rd, 2017 49th
GENESIS 5 January 19th-21st, 2018 65th 25th Speclar
GoTE 4TheKids 2018 Charity Pro-Am May 19th-20th, 2018 13th 2nd Myran
CEO 2018 June 29th-July 1st, 2018 49th 7th Rival
DreamHack Atlanta 2018 November 16th-18th, 2018 65th 13th Speclar
CEO Dreamland 2020 March 13th-15th, 2020 3rd

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Smash Ultimate CEO Weekly June 27th, 2019 33rd / 101 5th / 25 Speclar
CEO Dreamland 2020 March 13th-15th, 2020 49th 17th Vinny G
Steal the Show 2: The PulseOnline March 25th, 2020 49th / 406 13th / 49 Speclar
TNS: Pandemic MonthlyOnline April 7th, 2020 65th
Ultimate Naifu Wars 13Online June 27th, 2020 129th
Uncivil War: 1st EditionOnline August 14th, 2020 129th
The Collective 2Online August 16th, 2020 129th
Thursday Night Doubles #14Online September 17th, 2020 2nd / 29 Speclar
Prepare For Trouble!Online September 19th, 2020 4th / 74 Speclar
Varsity VotesOnline September 19th-20th, 2020 33rd
Thursday Night Doubles #15Online September 24th, 2020 1st / 21 Speclar
The AirlockOnline February 13th, 2021 33rd
SWT: NA Southeast Ultimate Online QualifierOnline May 15th-16th, 2021 65th
CEO 2021 December 3rd-5th, 2021 193rd
Taipan Smash Singles #42Online January 28th, 2022 7th
CEO 2022 June 24th-26th, 2022 97th
Luminosity Makes BIG Moves 2024 January 5th-7th, 2024 129th / 891

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