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SSB4 main Ike
Brawl main Falco
Crew(s) SHI-Gaming
Additional info
Real name Ayuha Nakamura
Location Tokyo Japan

Ayuha is a former tournament director in Tokyo, Japan, who currently works on running the crew SHI-Gaming, which is the first Smash live stream crew in Japan. His most notable career as a tournament director was the Sun Rise Tournament held in Tokyo, 2012. There, he made use of his English skills to help Mew2King, Vinnie, Havok, quiKsilver and other foreign players travel the region. Ayuha has also attended some American tournaments, mostly as a guide for foreign Japanese players to the United States, having attended tournaments such as Apex 2013, Apex 2014, Apex 2015 and GENESIS 3. Especially in Apex 2014, he sat as a Japanese commentator with Toph at the CLASH Tournaments live stream.

Tournaments hosted[edit]


  • Ayuha translated interviews from CLASH Tournaments with Otori, Kakera and 9B.
  • Ayuha will occasionally wave the Japanese flag behind the players in a seemingly difficult match.

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