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Smash Apps is a minimalistic website with a few "apps" that are useful and convenient for any level player or smasher. Utilities of the site include stage striking in competitive play, creating intuitive tier lists, and making match up charts. It has an interface centered around clicking, dragging, dropping, and sliding simple icons and images. The site caters to all Super Smash Bros. games up to Smash 4, including Project M. The site contains 3 applications, and each app is also available on GitHub.

Stage Striking[edit]

Stage Striking is designed to help tournament organizers and players set the stage list and narrow down a single stage for their individual matches in sets. Instead of opting to go to the random stage switch to strike, players can use this app to quickly strike and look at the available stages after the opponent has banned stages for counterpick. The usefulness of this app only goes as far as the need for players to have a visual list rather than just conversing to decide a stage.

Color Tiers[edit]

Color Tiers is an app made for creating a list of one's favorite alternate costumes of every character from least to greatest. The practical uses of this particular app is perhaps lower than that of the other two; it is a visual way to show others what alternate costume in one's opinion is the best or worst, and which costume they prefer. Color Tiers is currently only available for Melee costumes.

Tier List Maker[edit]

Tier List Maker is commonly used by players to make tier lists and matchup charts for their mains. It can be easily modified; examples include customizing the tier labeling, color-coding, and the number of tier sections. It is very useful to those who cannot easily create a visual representation of a personalized tier list or match up chart.


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  • The Tier List Maker uses thumbnail images of characters created and used on this wiki.