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SmashWiki has its own Twitter account. For the kind of content that will be shown on the account:

  • Wiki information: While things related to the wiki will stay on the wiki, should something major happen (i.e., a new administrator joins), then the Twitter will post about it.
  • News: The SmashWiki Twitter will retweet any and all official news updates regarding Smash from Nintendo Twitter accounts.
  • Tournaments: Major tournaments will be posted about, and, in a similar vein to the news template, winners of tournaments (major or minor) will be congratulated after said tournaments conclude.
  • Trivia: Occasionally, the account may tweet trivia about the series, its games, its characters, and other little- to well-known facts.
  • Memes: Though not in an excessive way, the account may occasionally make jokes regarding memes in the community.

The account, however, does not explicitly endorse any one user or group of users. While the goal is to interact with the greater community more, no bias towards users and/or their content will be shown.

Administrators have login access to the account, but it is primarily run by Aidanzapunk, with some content provided by SenorMexicano and LaughingElfMan.