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Policy.png This page contains material that is kept as a record of April Fools' Day shenanigans. Please do not take it seriously.
The logo of the Nintendo Cinematic Universe.

The Nintendo Cinematic Universe (NCU) is the collective term used for a group of films produced by Nintendo, which will begin release in April of 2016.

List of films[edit]

It is believed that this list is incomplete. Links will be added as information becomes available. The list is sorted alphabetically.

  • Aran
  • Captain Falcon: The First-Place Phenom
  • Kirby the Star Warrior
  • Kong Country
  • Mario
  • Pik-Min
  • StarFox
  • The Smashers
  • The Yoshi Mob
  • Triforce of Courage
  • War on Giygas
  • An unnamed entry pertaining to the Pokémon series