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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! 61-65

- Don't overlook the dark horse! -
- CPU player difficulty -
- Theory of flight distance -
- Throw counter -
- Magnifying sniper -

#61 [Info] Don't overlook the dark horse!

If you watch a four-player game, you might find a coward.

It could be someone who only attacks high-damage opponents,
or who only runs away during stock matches...





SSB64DOJO Luigi's a coward.gif

#62 [Other] CPU player difficulty

CPs (computer players) are clever in some areas but not in others.



Examples of rush system:

Super Jump Punch, Screw Attack, Hip Drop, Stone, Falcon Kick, PK Thunder body hit


Humans and CPs are different, so a strong character for or against one may not be for the other, and vice versa.

SSB64DOJO Ness and Kirby.gif
These guys' Stone and PK Thunder (body hit) are hard to react to,
so they should be strong against CPs.

#63 [Tactics] Theory of flight distance

With Kirby and Jigglypuff, each double jump will reset their falling velocity.

With that in mind, consider the following to get the longest flight distance.

(For vertical distance)

Upon reaching the apex of each jump, use the next jump.

(For horizontal distance)

Rather than rise continuously, fall a short distance (until maximum falling speed if possible) before using the next jump.



SSB64DOJO Kirby jump timing.gif
In this case, you want to keep height while gaining distance.
Using moves such as Pound can also be effective.

#64 [System] Throw counter

It's a pretty effective technique to grab an enemy that has just attacked your shield.

However, a throw used just after having one's shield hit will do half damage.

This is in accordance with the tactic's low risk.

By the way, the recoil received when a shield is hit is based solely on the attack's power.

SSB64DOJO shielded dash attack.gif
Wait for it.

#65 [Tactics] Magnifying sniper

The frame attached to offscreen characters is called a "magnifying glass".

SSB64DOJO bubble.gif this

You're not always invincible in a magnifying glass, so one could throw a sneak attack at you.

Anyone can throw an item. Height can be adjusted by jumping. Another example is Charge Shot.
(there are many other ways to damage such opponents)

To hit a magnified enemy, experience and intuition is necessary. キレイにしてやられた側は、ひとことほめてあげよう。

As said before, you can try to avoid this.

SSB64DOJO bubble target toss.gif