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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! 66-70

- Attacking those who are recovering -
- Attack while recovering -
- Intercept recoverers -
- Ricochet -
- Sorry, I got here first -

#66 [System] Attacking those who are recovering

If A knocks B off the stage, and C hits B before B is KO'd, C gets the point.

And so, players fight to steal the KO.
It's like a pack of hyenas.

SSB64DOJO KO stealing.gif
It's mine, miiiiine!
(After this, the Fireball hit after the Charge Shot, so Luigi got the point.)

#67 [Tactics] Attack while recovering

It doesn't matter at all how much damage you deal! Only falling off the stage matters!

So, try to take opponents down with you.

You both get a point and lose a point for zero change, and both players' damage resets to zero.


SSB64DOJO karry off edge.gif
This is common with this kind of technique.

#68 [Tactics] Intercept recoverers

[something about knocking opponent away and doing nothing]

[something about taking initiative]

[something about your SD not giving the opponent a point?]


SSB64DOJO suicide intercept.gif
We're going down together, bro!

#69 [System] Ricochet

Sometimes, when a projectile just grazes a shield, it ricochets in a different direction.

Unlike when reflected by a reflector, deflected projectiles don't change in power or speed, and don't change ownership to the shielder.

However, it will still hit other players, and you can aim it slightly by shifting your shield.

SSB64DOJO projectile ricochet.gif
Although it only really matters if there is more than one opponent.

#70 [System] Sorry, I got here first

Only one player can hang on an edge or use the Barrel Cannon of Congo Jungle at a time.

As a result, by getting there first, you can block opponents from using an edge or the barrel.

While one can delay grabbing an edge for a little while, the same can't be done for the cannon.
SSB64DOJO occupied barrel.gif