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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! 56-60

- Short jump tactics -
- Brink of death spite -
- Meaning of positional energy -
- Using the grabbing state -
- Dashing grab! -

#56 [Controls] Short jump tactics

By only tapping a C button to jump, it becomes a short jump, a jump of lower height.

By "only tapping", we mean releasing the button within 3 frames

As a lower jump, it can be used as a surprise technique,or for cutting down on wasted time in time attack modes.

For SW:1226 > For SW:1226 > For SW:1226
Fox here short jumps, so his attack lands sooner.

#57 [Tactics] Brink of death spite

There may be instances where you cannot return to the stage when knocked off.
Your up special move won't reach, and you won't be able to do anything afterwards.

However, if the situation is right,
there's an enemy near the edge, and you have a projectile or throwable item,
throw a last-ditch attack at them.

Of course, you can also just dive to revive sooner.

For SW:1226

#58 [Tactics] Meaning of positional energy

Depending on whether the opponent is in a low or high position, the best knockback direction can vary.

Enemies in a high position will have an easier time recovering from sideways attacks, but can easily be knocked off the top.

This must be considered in tandem with many elements such as how the character's recovery move works.

In this game, positional energy is important.

キケン ~ Peril 
安全 ~ Safety 
高 ~ High 
低 ~ Low
Note the difference between sideways and upwards knockback between high and low positioning.

#59 [Tactics] Using the grabbing state

When grabbing opponents, there's a short time where the game waits for the player to choose a forward or back throw where the opponent cannot move.

You throw automatically after a certain time, so you want to get as much use out of the opponent's immobility as you can.

For example, in a team battle, your teammate can attack.
Or, a nearby Pokémon attack (such as Hitmonlee).

In addition, by using throwing invincibility, you can do this:

For SW:1226 Incoming Giant Punch. Luigi shields...
For SW:1226 What the?!
For SW:1226 Ow owow ow ow ow ow!
For SW:1226 What a tricky play!

#60 [Tactics] Dashing grab!

By grabbing (Z+A) while running, you can grab while sliding and slowing down.

Not only can this be a surprise, but it extends your grab range forwards a bit and so makes counterattacks less likely.

However, grabbing while running is not effective for some characters.

First, if your run is slow, you stop pretty quickly.
This also happens if you have high traction.

Incorporate this tactic, but be careful.

For SW:1226
You can grab from this distance.
Which can catch people off guard.