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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! 51-55

- Lose landing lag! -
- Knockback resistance -
- Switch items for themed games -
- How to use strong attacks easily -
- Slope contours -

#51 [Controls] Lose landing lag!

When landing during an aerial attack, you may get some lag. (easily seen with Link's downwards thrust)

However, by pressing the Z button in advance, you can cancel landing lag.
This is a very useful technique for getting fast times in Break the Targets (bonus 1), even if not by much.

However, you cannot cancel landing lag of special moves.

By the way, timing the attack's landing just right also works, if a little more primitive.
With this, you could for example move from a continuously-hitting aerial attack to a throw.

In addition, note that some aerials have an attack during their normal slow landing.

For SW:1226 For SW:1226 For SW:1226
Landing during Samus's back aerial... makes her lose her balance. It takes a long time to get up.
For SW:1226 For SW:1226 For SW:1226
So, press Z in advance. Then, landing lag doesn't happen! And you can do something after 4 frames.

#52 [System] Knockback resistance

Yoshi's double jump, Giant Donkey Kong, and Metal Mario have knockback resistance.

As a result, they are immune to low levels of knockback.

For example, Yoshi's double jump has a resistance of 120.
As a result, any knockback less than 120 is ignored, while a knockback of 140 would be treated as only 20.

However, damage is taken as usual. This of course makes subsequent knockback stronger, and so the resistance less useful.

Yoshi using his double jump armor to power through a Fire Flower's flames.
Didn't work didn't work. (at the moment)

#53 [Options] Switch items for themed games

After 100 matches, the "Item Switch" is unlocked, which allows many different types of matches.

You can turn them all off if you want a super-serious match,
but games based on only items can also be interesting.

With some effort, you can customize it to your liking.

For SW:1226
Pokémon war, hammer battle...

#54 [Controls] How to use strong attacks easily

It's easy to, for example, use a jump or smash attack while trying to use a strong up attack.

For more success in using a strong attack,
tilt the control stick just a little.

With the stick tilted at about a medium walking speed, you won't accidentcally use a jump or smash, even with rapid inputs.

This also works for using an up aerial without using a double jump.

It is also effective to push the stick in advance, such as during another attack.

For SW:1226
As you can see.

#55 [System] Slope contours

Characters' feet tend to fit the slope they're on. As a result, some attacks match the angle of the slope the user's on.

If you don't compensate for this, your attack may go in an unexpected direction.

The Hookshot flies straight above the slope,
while Yoshi's tongue grab follows along it.
Yet his tongue special move goes straight, for surprising complexity.