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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! 46-50

- Perfect hit -
- Throws that damage crowds! -
- Combination attack with Pokémon -
- Intercept Koopa shells! -
- Vertical attacks with striking items -

#46 [Performance] Perfect hit

For one-shot aerial attacks, the onset is often the strongest.
Its power subsequently falls, and there is a tendency to get smaller as well.

So, you want to hit the attack as it comes out, rather than resorting to its long duration.

For SW:1226 For SW:1226
Fox's back air attack
Max attack power: 12
Four frames later
Max attack power: 8

#47 [Performance] Throws that damage crowds!

Some throws have striking force.

Since they both throw and deal damage to other enemies, they can give you an advantage when surrounded.

Throws with hits:
Mario's back, Luigi's back, Link's forward and back, Fox's back,
Falcon's back, Ness's forward and back

For SW:1226
Because you become temporarily invincible while throwing,
you can attack without fear of interruption.

#48 [Tactics] Combination attack with Pokémon

When you pick up a Poké Ball and release a Pokémon,
you shouldn't just leave it alone.

Depending on what Pokémon came out,
you may be able to trap the opponent.
For example, hit the opponent towards Snorlax's landing point,
or keep them still next to Charizard by grabbing them.

The same can be said for team battles.

If you have a partner, use them to help you out.

For SW:1226
Pleeeeease stop –Kirby

#49 [System] Intercept Koopa shells!

When someone is KO'd, whoever last attacked them gets the point.

In the case of Koopa shells,
even after they've been thrown,
attacking them will change them to get points for you.

For example, if Link threw a Red Shell but Mario hits it with a Fireball, every KO the shell gets will give Mario a point.

Exchange owners skillfully.

For SW:1226
It's also OK to hit shells directly.

#50 [Tactics] Vertical attacks with striking items

You can stil use your up and down attacks while holding a shooting or striking item.
(not throwing items, since that throws it)

So, you can hit the enemy upwards and follow up by throwing the item.

By moving on to a throw or sideways jump,
you can keep up a ruthless attack.

For SW:1226 For SW:1226
Once you hit them up, throw upwards in pursuit!