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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! 36-40

- Offsetting -
- On using continuously-hitting aerials -
- Meteor smash! -
- Law of jab speed vs throws -
- Dividing lives in team battles -

#36 [System] Offsetting

A majority of attacks can be cancelled if hit by an attack and the damage difference is 10 or less.

The utility of this is low, but it's appealing to destroy projectiles.
For example, Fireball is easily cancelled by a weak attack.

However, be warned that some attacks and all air attacks cannot be cancelled.

For SW:1226
Luigi blocks a maximum Charge Shot with a headbutt. Cool. Too cool.

#37 [Tactics] On using continuously-hitting aerials

Aerial attacks that deal continuous hits can be used in two ways.

1: At the peak of a jump, hitting with all hits.
Effective against enemies who have rolled.

2: While falling, aim to hit just before landing.
Will cause landing lag.

Both are powerful, so don't pass them up.

For SW:1226
With proper aim, Yoshi's down air can score up to 50 damage.

#38 [Tactics] Meteor smash!

Some aerial attacks knock the opponent downwards.

If landed without a floor below, this can be a one-hit KO.

It's a scary technique to recover against, それをかわすのもかけひきのひとつ。図々しくも返り討ちにするのも手。

For SW:1226
If nothing else, it feels good.

#39 [Performance] Law of jab speed vs throws

In this game, every character has a weak atack that comes out faster than any throw.

So, in a confused scuffle, weak attacks have some advantage.
However, throws do more damage and have invincibility.

Taking Mario as an example,
his punch his on frame 2, while he grabs on frame 6.

For SW:1226 For SW:1226
Pink will use a weak attack and Yellow will grab at the same time. Result.

#40 [Other] Dividing lives in team battles

If a player is eliminated from a stock team battle, they can press the Start button to take a stock from a teammate.


If there is more than one teammate,
it will be taken from whoever has the most stock.

For SW:1226