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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! 31-35

- About the dropping pratfall -
- Tricks to knocking out teams -
- The battle to grab items! -
- One-pattern cancellation -
- The suffocating low attack! -

#31 [System] About the dropping pratfall

After using an up special move, you enter the pratfall falling state.
(some characters excepted)

The pratfall, unlike a normal fall,

  • Cannot attack until landing
  • Lower horizontal movement speed
  • Disabled air jump
  • More lag upon landing

These are pretty damaging disadvantages.

You can spend less time in this state by diving after reaching maximum height.

For SW:1226 For SW:1226 For SW:1226
Normal fall Falling after double jump Dropping pratfall

#32 [1P] Tricks to knocking out teams

Have you noticed that, against the one-player mode's Yoshi Team and Fighting Polygon Team, knockback seems biased as if there's a handicap?

It affects the knockback done by attacks.

More on that to come later. For now, remember that
some attacks might be unusually effective in team battles.

With them, team battles become very easy.

For SW:1226
Example: Mario's Super Jump Punch.

#33 [Info] The battle to grab items!

Of course you want strong items.
But so does the opponent.

Everyone jumps at Hammers like a pack of hyenas.
Thus, the mind games of item control begin.

If you can get to the item first, you can fend off all comers.
Earlier is always better. 動きがいい方がきまっているさ。
However, same goes for the opponent.

Or, you can wait behind,
and swoop in once others are fighting over it.
However, same goes for the opponent.

However, same goes for the opponent.

Thus, the mind games of item control continue.
If the opponent keeps beating you to the punch,
think about how you can beat what he did.

For SW:1226
Give it to meeeeee!

#34 [System] One-pattern cancellation

When the same attack is used in succession, this results in its damage dropping!
Of course, this also affects its knockback.

The power recovers by using a different attack,
but using one attack all the time is boring.
Find a middle ground.

For SW:1226
Diagram of attacking the right player just after attacking the left player.

#35 [Performance] The suffocating low attack!

Strong down and down smash attacks are often underestimated.
However, many of them send opponents in unique directions.

A common feature is a down smash's ability to attack on both sides.

Good to use if the opponent tries to roll behind you.

For SW:1226
Kirby's down smash has a very low angle.
When not knocked high, it's hard to recover!