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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! 26-30

- Aiming attacks -
- Flick jumping -
- Take advantage of invincibility -
- Clear bonuses at all costs! -
- Chant conditions -

#26 [Controls] Aiming attacks

The power of some strong side and side smash attacks can be adjusted by slightly angling the control stick up or down. (3-5 directions)

By using these, you can follow height differences and command a wider range of damage.

In addition, for most of these attacks,
they are stronger upwards and weaker downwards.
So in most cases
you should aim up when possible.

For SW:1226 For SW:1226 For SW:1226
Damage: 12 Damage: 10 Damage: 9

#27 [Controls] Flick jumping

There are two ways to jump: tap the stick upwards quickly, or press any C button.
Since the principle is different, jumps through the two methods work differently.


However, jumping with C also has unique qualities, so it's best to use both.
See below.

Tap input:

Jump can be as high as the stick is pushed vertically.
In other words, you jump high straight up, but if you jump sideways
your stick position won't be as high.

C jump:

Pushing the stick sideways doesn't reduce jump force.
For jumping upwards, less subtle than tap jump.
Can be used to short jump.
For SW:1226
Tap jump (red) and C jump (blue) to diagonally jump while walking.
The difference is big!!

#28 [System] Take advantage of invincibility

THere are cases where a character cannot be attacked.

This is invincibility; there can be "passing invincibility" where the attack simply goes through, or "hitting invincibility" where it hits but does not work.

Both cause a faint flash, but it can be hard to understand in practice
as compared to learn from experience.

The entire body can be invincible, or only a part can be invincible.

(Passing invincibility examples) (Hitting invincibility examples)
  • Dodges
  • Get-ups
  • Edge grabs
  • Some attacks
  • Throws
  • Star invincibility
  • After being KO'd
  • Some attacks
For SW:1226 For SW:1226
Yoshi is passing invincible (blue) as he grabs the edge,
while DK's arms are hitting invincible (green) during Spinning Kong.

#29 [Info] Clear bonuses at all costs!

In 1P mode, you play bonuses 1 and 2 only once.

Some bonus stages can be difficult, so to get the most out of them, you need to master the character.

If you clear all 12 characters, the total clear time is displayed.

For SW:1226 For SW:1226
Can you beat your best time? The red underline shows total time.

#30 [System] Chant conditions

While fighting a match, you may hear a chant (the audience calls a character's name).

There are two conditions.

1: Hit two opponents of 100% damage or more with a strong attack within less than one second.

2: After taking a hit that caused a large cheer, deal a strong blow to another opponent before landing.

This must be against another player, and will not last more than 20 seconds.


For SW:1226
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